In the wake of the second wave of the highly contagious Covid-19 due to the several newly discovered variants, the entire populace across the globe is suffering. Although vaccination drive is working actively all across the nation, till date, there is no medicine or therapy that has demonstrated promising results in preventing this infection. All we can do is to break the chain, by following precautionary measures, enhance an individual's body immunity, and identify the infection early to provide timely medical care.

The Indian Ministry of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Yoga, Naturopathy, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) documents this epidemic/pandemic as Janapadodhvamsa (conditions devastate the human settlements) and similarly, infectious diseases have been considered under Sankramika rogas. In this context, Ministry Of Ayush brings about a series of measures to improve individual's natural defence mechanism (immunity). The guidelines chiefly recommend regular consumption of immune-boosting remedies as a self-care guideline for preventive health measures and boosting immunity with special reference to respiratory health in addition to the personal hygiene and social distancing measures. One such outstanding ayurvedic formulation recommended by the Ayush Health Ministry for its powerful anti-pyretic, bronchodilatory and digestive properties is Vyoshadi Vati.
Vyoshadi Vati

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What Is Vyoshadi Vati?

Vyoshadi Vati, also known as Vyoshadi Vatakam or Vyoshadi Gutika, is a classical a proprietary ayurvedic medication formulated specifically for the treatment and management of respiratory and digestive disorders. The primary indication of this formulation is for treating the common cold virus in Ayurveda and extremely beneficial for relieving nasal inflammation, discharge, congestion and irritation. It is also useful in sore throat, sneezing, cough, allergic rhinitis, and breathing troubles (asthma). Additionally, it even improves appetite and increases the desire to eat, hence pivotal in the case of anorexia.

Ayurvedic Indications

Since the ancient time, this traditional ayurvedic medication has been mentioned in several ancient scriptures of Ashtanga Hridyam, Sarangadhar Samhita, Charaka Samhita written by the sages Sarangadhar and Charaka respectively. It is mainly useful for the following indications including  Kapha-Vata hara (treats Kapha and Vata imbalances), Kasahara (Relieves cough), Kantya (relieves sore throat), Anulomana (improves breathing), Ama nashak (removes toxins), Svasha hara (treats asthma), Jwara hara (reduces fever), Deepana (enhances stomach fire), Pachana (helps in digestion), Rochana (stimulates appetite), Hikkanigrahana (treats incessant hiccups),  Triptighno (relieves pseudo-satiation),  Balya (increase strength), and Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body).

How To Prepare Vyoshadi Vati?

According to the preparation mentioned in Sarangadhar Samhita, the ingredients and method is as follows:


36 grams Vyosha or Trikatu Churna (mixture of long pepper, black pepper, and ginger)               

12 grams Talispatra – Abies webbiana    

12 grams Chitrak (White leadwort) – Plumbago zeylanica              

12 grams Jeera (Cumin) – Cuminum cyminum              

12 grams Chavya (Java Long Pepper) – Piper chaba               

12 grams Tintidika – Rhus parviflora         

12 grams Amlavetasa Garcinia pedunculata    

9 grams Tejpata (Indian Bay Leaf) – Cinnamomum tamala

9 grams Dalchini (Cinnamon) – Cinnamomum zeylanicum            

9 grams Elaichi (Cardamom) – Elettaria cardamomum                       

240 grams Gur – Jaggery         

Water as required


Prepare the sugar syrup or chasni by adding gur in boiling water.

Next add all the washed and dried herbs one by one in it.

Keep stirring until the herbs get totally dissolved.

Next dry the mixture completely.

Prepare small round balls using your palm.

Store the vatis in amber-coloured, food-grade glass bottles for future use.

Health Benefits of Vyoshadi Vati

Relieves Common Cold

The change of seasons from the sweltering summers to the monsoons, comes with a list of woes of its own. And one of the most prevalent infection that occurs during this time is fever and respiratory infection due to the common cold virus. Additionally, fever characterized with recurrent coughs can cause a lot of discomfort and prevent a peaceful good night’s sleep while making you feel tired and exhausted. Being rich in anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and expectorant properties, this ayurvedic proprietary formulation holds high significance in treating the common cold, incessant cough and flu symptoms. It not only prevents runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and irritation but also reduces inflammation and irritation of the nasal mucosa, which ultimately provides relief from most of the common cold symptoms. It is also highly effective in treating asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory illnesses.

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Remedies Sore Throat

One of the most common symptoms of common cold is sore and inflamed throat. On taking recommended doses of this vati, irritation, throat pain, and cough associated with a sore throat is greatly reduced. It is also extremely beneficial when throat and tongue has a white coating, or itchy, and has no burning sensation.

Combats Infections

Fueled with powerful antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties, this incredible herbal concoction plays a quintessential role to ward off various infections. The bio-active components of the aromatic herbs in use work wonders in reinforcing immunity and preventing bacterial infestation. It not only helps to reduce the risk of various bacterial and fungal infections like fever, tuberculosis, dengue, etc. but also prevents allergic conditions on the skin.

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Enhances Digestion

Touted for its appetizing and digestive properties, Vyoshadi Vati offers a one-shot remedy for all digestive woes. The anti-flatulent property reduces the formation of gas in the alimentary canal, thus reducing flatulence, constipation, bloating and abdominal distension. It also helps in breaking down of food particles in the stomach and intestine, while facilitating the secretion of the digestive juices and thereby increasing the absorption of essential nutrients through the intestines.

Treats Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which an individual suffers from self-starvation. The appetizing property of this herbal formulation aids in the digestion of food, improves appetite, promotes absorption of nutrients and thereby ensures that the person eats healthily.

Effect On Doshas:

This immune-boosting formulation inherently portrays Rukhsha (i.e., dry) and Laghu (i.e., light) gunas and blessed with Ushna Virya (i.e., hot potency). The bioactive ingredients of the herbs present in this formulation pacifies the Kapha (earth and water)  doshas and Vata (air) doshas and often an excess of it can aggravate the Pitta (fire and air) doshas. Owing to the intrinsic properties and doshas, Vyoshadi Vati has a positive effect on the stomach, liver, lungs, and respiratory tract.

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The effectual therapeutic dosage of Vyoshadi Vati usually varies from person to person depending upon the age, body strength, effects on appetite, severity, and condition of the patient. It is strongly recommended to consult an ayurvedic doctor or practitioner as he or she would evaluate the patient’s indications, past medical conditions and prescribe an effective dose for a specific time period.

Adults: 5 – 10 grams / 2 tablets along with equal quantity of lukewarm water or milk, twice a day, immediately after meals or as suggested by the ayurvedic doctor or health care provider.

Side Effects

Enriched with a quarry of powerful rejuvenating herbs, Vyoshadi Vati is extremely beneficial in recommended doses. But if it is consumed in excess or without prior consultation with a doctor, it can lead to side effects and allergic reactions including gastric irritation, heart burn, and burning sensation in the abdomen. Although, this medication is considered safe for breastfeeding women and children yet it is strictly advised for them to take it only under professional supervision. It is also suggested for pregnant women not to consume this herbal concoction as its efficacy in pregnancy is still not studied.


Renowned for its incredible immunity enhancing properties owing to the rich quarry of herbs, vyoshadi vati is an absolute remedy for all sorts of respiratory and digestive issues including cough and cold, asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, blocked nasal chambers, indigestion, constipation, anorexia etc. So, consume this in recommended doses throughout the flu season to fortify natural immune mechanism of the body and combat various infectious diseases.