Nothing accentuates your overall look more than a bright smile and a fresh breath when you confidently speak. But imagine when you walk up to someone, all decked up in a beautiful ensemble and the minute you speak, you realise the person in front of you tries to avoid conversation or simply shifts back a little and you wonder why? Well, if that’s the case with you, just try covering your mouth with your hand and breathe out. If you suddenly smell a bad odour, it’s your repulsive breath that is shoving people away from you and a big sign of deteriorating oral health. But worry not, if it is natural remedies that you seek, then Ayurveda bequeaths you with just the absolute answer in the form of Khadiradi Vati.
Khadiradi Vati

What Is Khadiradi Vati?

Khadiradi Vati or Gutika is an Ayurvedic herbal proprietary medication which is used to deal with mouth ulcers, gum diseases, bad breath, sore throat, and tonsillitis. It contains effective herbs including Khadira, Javitri, etc which work in synchronisation to provide remedies in treating various mouth-related anomalies like diseases of teeth, gums, tongue, sore throat, cough, cold, tonsil infection etc.

It acts as a powerful oral antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory envoy to uplift overall oral and respiratory health. It also works as an expectorant which helps in providing relief from cough and sore throat as well.

Khadiradi Vati works effectively when it is kept in the mouth to release the herbal components and is swallowed gradually. It has immense healing properties which provide relief from sore throat and offers a clear voice and decreases hoarseness by lessening irritation and inflammation of vocal cords. It assists in pacifying all three doshas mainly Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Khadiradi vati is extensively used to treat all sorts of mouth problems like diseases of lips, gums, teeth, tongue, palate, throat etc. Ayurveda vouches the use of this herbal formulation for the treatment and management of bad breath, diseases of teeth, dental caries, stomatitis, anorexia, locked jaw, diseases of throat, tonsillitis, and numerous other ails of the buckle cavity.

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How To Prepare Khadiradi Vati?


125 mg Khadira Saar (Kattha) – Catechu (Acacia) extract

31.25 my Javitri (Mace or Nutmeg) - Myristica fragrans31.25 mg Kankol (Kabab Chini or Tailed Pepper) – Piper Cubeba      

31.25 mg Bhimseni Kapoor (Natural Camphor) – Cinnamomum Camphora        

31.25 mg Supari – Areca nut         

Water         Q.S.

Method of Preparation

Wash and sun-dry all the ingredients separately

Powder all the ingredients

Boil the herbal components in the required quantity of water until it reduces to ¼ of its original quantity

Dry the decoction completely till it becomes a paste

Roll the paste on your palm to get gutikas or tablets

Phytochemical Composition Of Khadiradi Vati

The fundamental ingredient of Khadiradi Vati is Catechu (acacia catechu extract), which comprises flavonoids, glycosides, alkaloids, saponins, tannins, and volatile oils. The primary components present in Catechu include Catechin, Protocatechuic acid, Catechuic acid, Phloroglucin, Pyrocatechin and Quercetin.

These active components of Catechu account for its significant antiseptic and anti-inflammatory traits and are used to prevent infections in the oral cavity and other parts of the body.

Medicinal Properties

Bequeathed with a plethora of components, Khadiradi Gutika showcases the following healing properties:

  • Antioxidant
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Astringent
  • Emollient
  • Expectorant

Ayurvedic Indications

Ayurveda, the holistic science of herbal remedies has considerably mentioned the use of this age-old formulation of Khadira multiple times in several ayurvedic scriptures of Charaka and Susruta. It is primarily indicated for being used in the following conditions:

  • Mukha daurgandhya (treats halitosis)
  • Mukha paka (treats stomatitis)
  • Caladanta (treats loose tooth)
  • Mukhajadya (treats restricted movement of the jaw)
  • Asya roga (treats diseases of the buccal cavity)
  • Kasya (treats cough with expectation)
  • Danta roga (treats disease of the tooth)
  • Dantasausirya (treats dental caries)
  • Gala roga (treats diseases of the throat)
  • Aruci (treats tastelessness)
Ayurvedic ingredients

Health Benefits Of Khadiradi Vati

Wards Off Bad Breath

Bad breath or Halitosis is not only an indication of poor oral health but also a reason for public embarrassment and low self-esteem. It can occur due to several reasons including bad teeth, dental decay, gum swelling or gastrointestinal issue. Being antiseptic and antimicrobial, Khadiradi Vati not only treats underlying digestive issues but also impedes bleeding gums, swelling of gums, gingivitis, and accumulation of bad bacteria in the teeth etc. It also helps in treating periodontitis.

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Relieves Laryngitis (Hoarseness or Loss of Voice)

The anti-inflammatory and soothing traits of Khadiradi Vati diminish inflammation of the larynx a.k.a the voice box. By curtailing irritation and swelling of the vocal cord, it lessens hoarseness of the voice and effectively provides a clear voice. For quick relief, one might consume Khadiradi Vati alongside Sitopaladi Churna, Yashad (Jasad) Bhasma and Gandhak Rasayan by infusing the mixture with honey, but only after a medical recommendation.

Prevents Mouth Ulcers & Stomatitis

A mouth ulcer termed Mukha Pak in Ayurveda is a sore which chiefly develops in the inner lining of the mouth, but may also appear on the lips, tongue, the gums, inside layer of the cheeks or inside the bottom lip. Khadiradi Vati blessed with Kashaya (astringent) and Ropana (healing) disposition helps in the quick healing of mouth ulcers and also reduces pain and burning sensation associated with it. For promising results, Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) should also be used alongside Khadiradi Vati.

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Remedies Cough And Sore Throat

A cough is quite a common anomaly which usually occurs due to the imbalance of Kapha doshas in the body and chiefly characterizes the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract. Khadiradi Vati due to its excellent Kapha balancing trait is an effective herbal formulation for managing cough and cold. It extensively curbs cough, dispels mucus, and clears the air passages, thus allowing the patient to breathe comfortably. Khadiradi Vati also provides quick relief from sore throat or Pharyngitis owing to its emollient (soothing) action. Additionally, Khadiradi Vati also impedes bacterial growth, which may further contribute to a sore throat.

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Treats Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis can be defined as an inflammation or swelling of the tonsils (2 masses of tissue situated at the back of the throat). Khadiradi Vati noted for its Kashaya (astringent) property vastly helps ameliorate the symptoms of tonsillitis. It effectively helps reduce inflammation, pain and irritation and provides solace from tonsil infection.

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The beneficial remedial dose of Khadiradi Vati differs vastly from one person to another depending upon their age, body stability, impacts on appetite, the severity of the disease, and the general condition of the patient. It is advised to consult an ayurvedic doctor or practitioner for the accurate dosage.

Adults: 1 – 2 tablets, along with adjuvants like honey or madhuka, and water, twice a day, preferably after meals or as suggested by the health care provider.

Side Effects Of Khadiradi Vati

One of the primary components of Khadiradi Vati is natural Camphor that is obtained from the Camphor tree. Sometimes, taking the medication in excess may increase the concentration of Camphor in the body and may lead to severe side effects like

  • Abdominal pain
  • Vertigo
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Dysuria
  • Seizures

In case, you notice any of these above-mentioned symptoms, do stop taking Khadiradi Vati at once and seek immediate medical attention. Some of the chronic side effects to watch out for include:


Without much credible information about using the pills during pregnancy and breastfeeding period, health care providers strictly advise avoiding taking them without consultation with the treating doctor and lactation expert. Additionally, owing to the presence of high amounts of camphor content, Khadiradi Vati should not be continued for a longer period or more than 7 days continuously.


Khadiradi Vati has been mentioned in several ayurvedic scriptures as an absolute remedy for mouth and gum infections owing to its enormous therapeutic properties. This incredible herbal formulation is categorized as a potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory component. Additionally, it also guarantees the prevention of mouth ulcers, treatment and management of pharyngitis (sore throat) and other diseases of the gums, tongue, teeth, and throat.