With the holy month of Ramadan coming to an end, Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated worldwide by the Muslims, today. Ramadan or Ramzan as it is known in India is very significant for Muslims as they fast for a month during the daylight along with prayers.

While sumptuous feasts, gift exchanges, prayers mark the celebrations of Eid, charity is an important part of Ramzan festivities. In fact, Holy Quran states charity, also known Zakat as one of the five pillars of Islam and is very significant during this month.

Being generous and sharing your fortunes with the lesser privileged always evokes a nice feeling and joy of giving, from within and leaves a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

The Joy of gifting and health benefits

Gives Happiness:

Do you know that charity brings in a lot of happiness than you expect? According to a study published by a team led by Prof Norton from the Harvard Business School, people derive more pleasure on spending for the needy than buying things for themselves. Generous giving activates releases ‘endorphins’ the happy hormones, bringing in positivity and stimulating those areas in brain that provide a ‘warm glow’ to your skin.

Reduces Anxiety:

The happiness after participating in a charity event is very real and not your imagination. Various studies reveal that patients suffering from depression have reportedly talked about feeling positive and happy after volunteering in some ‘good work’ as brain releases chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine that regulate our feelings and help in catching good sleep. These chemicals not only leave positive impact on the mental health but also regulate the functioning of vital organs.

Lowers Blood Pressure:

If you are a high blood pressure patient and wondering what’s spiking it, it’s time to share! Doing good deeds lowers emotional burden on mind, reduces guilt feelings and instills positivity while dealing with others. In fact, studies reveal that patients with hypertension are 60 percent less likely to report sleep apnoea or restless leg syndrome after getting involved in charitable events. Although being generous and charitable doesn’t directly effect on your blood pressure, the positive effect of the good deeds seems to lessen your tensions and alleviate some of the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Increases Longevity:

Doctors recommend elderly to participate in charity events as it instills confidence, positivity in them. Stress and anxiety at the old age can cause various health problems, but a regular involvement in charity can help older people live healthy and longer. As per the study conducted by University of California, Berkeley, elderly who volunteered regularly are 44 per cent less likely prone to health issues and death, than those not involved in similar activities.

Improves Self Esteem:

Charity is a selfless act and it helps you get a greater sense of joy and happiness. Helping others in need is Godly and it makes you feel humble and thankful about your fortunes. It can make you a stronger person from within, improve your emotional wellbeing and develop confidence.