Crunchy and nutty peanuts make for an all-time healthy snack. Simply roast, fry or blend them to make sweet or savoury delight, a handful of these nuts can add a crispy flavour to any dish. Peanuts are known by a variety of names such as groundnuts, earthnuts, monkey nut or goober peas and despite many names, they do not belong to tree nuts but are related to the legume family, just like peas, lentils and soy. Also Read: Groundnuts/Peanuts: Nutrition, Health Benefits For Heart, Diabetes And Weight Loss

Peanuts go by the scientific name Arachis hypogea, which is a native plant to South America. In India, it is widely cultivated in many tropical states including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra. These nuts are available raw, boiled, roasted or fried that confers an incredible nutritional profile and taste quite similar to other tree nuts like almonds and walnuts.

Some of the valuable by-products of peanuts include oil, flour and protein. Cold-pressed groundnut oil is gaining huge popularity these days owing to its indispensable nutritional and therapeutic properties. 

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Peanuts are bestowed with a treasure trove of nutrients such as 13 different vitamins including A, B, C, and E, more than 26 essential minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, potassium, manganese and boron. Being low on sodium, packed with protein and healthy fats groundnuts act as a hunger suppressant, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, boost brain health and regulates blood sugar levels.

As per the American Heart Association, peanuts are grouped with heart checkmarks and labelled as heart-healthy foods. The recommended daily limit is 1.5 ounces /42 grams per day of most nuts, including peanuts, as part of a diet low in saturated fat that may lower the risk of heart disease. Regular addition of peanuts meets your daily dose of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Checkout this infographic to get an insight into the amazing health benefits of adding these crunchy nuts.