Jackfruit, the sweet-smelling, succulent summer fruit with yellow lobes is a favourite for many of us and it is now widely available in the market. While the juicy flesh of the fruit is relished, the hard nut-like seeds are discarded immediately.

Wait! After you read this article, you will never throw away those seeds.

Touted as the largest tree-borne fruit, the seeds of jackfruit too, are blessed with umpteen health benefits.
jackfruit seeds

The jackfruit trees are usually grown in tropical climates and are scattered all over India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, and Brazil. A single fruit weighing approximately 3.5 – 10 kg contains 200-600 edible nutritious seeds embedded inside the flesh.

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How To Eat Jackfruit Seeds?

These nutty seeds can either be eaten boiled, roasted or converted into flour. The food industry makes use of the seed flour as a binding agent in certain food preparations. It has also gained fame for being in several Indian delicacies and delectable desserts.

Nutritional Content

Loaded with proteins and essential vitamins like vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, copper, potassium magnesium and zinc, these nutty seeds help in breaking down complex carbohydrates into energy, prevent bacterial infection and promote digestion. The high amounts of antioxidants help in nurturing and enhancing skin and hair.

Ayurveda strongly advocates the use of this seed for Vajikaran therapy owing to its strong aphrodisiac properties. It is also helpful in enhancing male libido and treating a number of sexual problems in men. In the ancient ages, seed powder of the jackfruit is prized for its strong antibacterial properties and was also used extensively in treating wounds and infections.

Effect On Doshas:

Vasaka exemplifies 2 distinct tastes mainly Madhura (i.e. sweet) and Kashaya (i.e. astringent) Rasa. It has Guru (i.e. heavy) and Snigdha Guna (i.e. moist quality) and Shita Virya (i.e. cold potency). It characterizes Madhura Vipaka (i.e. sweet taste after digestion) and mainly portrays rejuvenating property. The host of bioactive components in Vasaka helps to pacify the Pitta (i.e. fire and air) and Vata (i.e. air) doshas and effectively removes the AMA doshas from the body. Also Read: Introduction To Ayurveda: Learn About Vata, Pitta And Kapha Doshas

5 Incredible Benefits Of Jackfruit Seeds

Promotes Digestion

The potent antispasmodic property of the jackfruit seed powder helps in reducing the release of harmful gases in the stomach thereby providing relief from flatulence, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and irritable bowel syndrome. Being a rich source of fiber, the seed when ingested in powdered form increases the absorption of nutrients and improves digestion.

Prevents Anaemia

Presence of an excellent concentration of iron, which is an essential component for the synthesis of haemoglobin, jackfruit seeds is extremely essential for treating and preventing anaemia and other blood disorders. It boosts immunity, increases the production of red blood cells and thwarts off diseases.

Try having a glass of lukewarm water infused with jackfruit seed powder to manage anaemia and other infections.

Boosts Immunity

Loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and nutrients like Vitamin A and C, the jackfruit seed helps to dodge infections and acts as a protective shield by strengthening the body’s immune system. Jacalin, a protein derived from jackfruit seeds have even scientifically proven to be effective in strengthening the immunity against the HIV virus strain. It also prevents food-borne diseases and treats different types of fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Also Read: Top 8 Ayurvedic Formulations That Can Bolster Your Immunity

Augments Skin And Hair

Imbued with natural antioxidants and vitamin C, these nutty seeds hold significance in shielding from the free radical damage caused due to the sun rays, and hence treats the various signs of ageing like wrinkles, spots, fine lines, dark circles, etc. It also helps in collagen formation and treats various skin issues like acne, pimples, infection and bestows a smooth and glowing skin.

Apart from the skin, the seed powder is also beneficial for the hair as the anti-microbial nature of the seed treats various scalp and hair infections. It nurtures the hair follicles with essential nutrients, improves blood circulation and fortifies the hair from the roots. It also prevents hair fall and breakage due to stress and anxiety.

Boosts Vision

Being a powerhouse of healthful nutrients like Vitamin A, jackfruit seed powder is extremely beneficial for improving vision. Regular intake of boiled jackfruit seeds or seed powder prevents eye diseases like night blindness and xeropthalmia.

Ways To Add To Your Diet

Jackfruit seeds can be relished similarly to other seeds in a variety of ways. Here are some interesting ways to add these to your meal plan.

  • Add them to make wholesome salads
  • Jackfruit seeds can be made into nutritious hummus
  • Jackfruit seeds flour can be used in baking or cooking delights
  • Jackfruit seed can be blended into a healthy butter
  • Have them as a standalone snack

How To Cook?

Jackfruit seeds should not be consumed raw owing to their antinutrient content. Roasting or boiling are some of the popular cooking methods.

Boil jackfruit seeds in a large bowl of water for about 30 minutes, as the seeds become tender, drain the water, allow them to cool and use these seeds to make delectable dishes.

Jackfruit seeds can also be roasted by preheating the oven to 400 F and putting them on a flat tray. Bake the seeds for 20 minutes until they are brown and toasted.

Jackfruit seeds can also be mixed with other culinary delights to add extra flavour and a crunchy texture to dishes