The 74th Indian Independence Day that is being celebrated in our country this Saturday is indeed a moment of pride for all of us. August 15, every year reminds us about the greatest freedom struggle this world has ever witnessed, importance of ahimsa and how several fearless freedom fighters stood by our country, in tough times and sacrificed their lives, for its prosperity.
Independence Day 2020

As India heads towards the goal of becoming a developed country, it is very vital that we, being the citizens, must focus on becoming healthier, as individuals, communities and a nation as a whole, to help achieve the same.

Mindful eating, comprising a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients, is an indispensable part of maintaining optimal physical and mental health. The vital components of a complete meal should comprise carbs, fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Incorporating these in a wholesome diet is all the more important, as the incidence of obesity is rising at an alarming rate in India, not only among adults but also in kids and teenagers.

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Hence, the key to consuming foods in a measured way and avoid becoming overweight or obese is by being calorie-conscious. However, this does not mean you need to completely sacrifice eating some of the most-loved and rather indulgent Indian sweets or desi mithai. Also Read: Guilt-Free Indulgence: Enjoy These Sugarless Desserts

Simply remove the excessive ghee to lessen fat content, avoid including rich creams, or nuts that are packed with calories and reduce the portion size, to make absolutely lip-smacking Indian sweets. Wondering how this is possible? Look no further, for we bring you two mouth-watering recipes of low-calorie miniature versions of all-time favourite desserts – laddus made from nourishing oats and barfis prepared using nutritious watermelon rind.

So this year, celebrate the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, with some healthy, yummy low-calorie sweets – the perfect tribute to mark India’s victory over foreign rule in the past and work towards attaining freedom from obesity in the future.

Mini Oats Laddu
Mini Oats Laddu

Servings: 8 laddus

Calories: 40 calories per laddu


½ cup rolled oats

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp jaggery powder

1 tbsp low-fat milk


Dry roast oats in a pan on medium flame, for 3 minutes and set aside to cool down.

Heat sesame seeds in a pan for 2 minutes on low heat and let them come down to room temperature.

Mix the jaggery powder in milk to form a uniform paste.

Add the oats and sesame seeds to the sweetened milk, for a thick consistency.

Roll equal portions of the mixture into eight tiny round shapes.

Enjoy the scrumptious mini oats laddu with your evening tea or as a mid-day snack.


Oats are enriched with dietary fibres, to facilitate smooth digestion processes and ensure proper bowel movements. A splendid source of proteins, sesame seeds build strong muscles. Jaggery supplies generous amounts of iron, for optimal red blood cell synthesis and transport. Abundant in calcium, vitamin D, toned or low-fat milk is a superfood that fortifies bones and joints. Also Read: Types Of Milk: From Toned To Flavoured, Know About All 8 Variants

Bite-Sized Watermelon Barfi
Bite-Sized Watermelon Barfi

Servings: 4 barfis

Calories: 50 calories per barfi


1 cup watermelon skin or rind

¼ cup grated coconut

2 tbsp sugar


Soak the watermelon rind in some warm water, then blend it into a fine paste in a mixer.

In a non-stick pan, heat the sugar on medium flame in a little water, to form a sticky syrup.

Add the watermelon paste and grated coconut, stirring continuously for 5 minutes, top obtain a homogenous paste.

Switch off the stove, transfer the sweetened paste to a tray and spread it evenly.

Allow it to cool down and solidify a bit, then cut it into four diamond-shaped cubes.

Serve the delectable bite-sized watermelon barfi for dessert, after lunch or dinner.


Watermelon rind is bestowed with vitamins A for improved eyesight, as well as vitamin C for protective antioxidant activity. Moreover, it holds significant reserves of the beneficial phytonutrient citrulline, which boosts sexual functions and lowers high blood pressure. Coconut is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which augment heart wellness as well as vitamin B6, for promoting memory, concentration and brain health.