Weight loss is a mixture of a long and habit-forming modification. Only when you change your lifestyle can you slowly earn the results that you have always desired. The setback with healthy weight loss habits, for most of us, is that in the long-term these may wreck the weight loss itself. 

Woman looking at a broccoli sadly

 1.Limiting Your Portion Size

With regard to your eating habits, reducing your portion size periodically will help you lose weight, but cutting down drastically too quickly, will spike your hunger hormone- ghrelin, signing your brain that you’re not full. This makes you overeat making you guilty for not sticking to your diet. 

2. Choosing Low Fat Foods

When opting for food listed as low-fat, you are completely unaware of the hidden fat that’s replaced by sugars or other potentially harmful chemicals and additives. These add empty calories when compared to the full-fat foods. The fact is, you need healthy fat for hormone production, brain function, and even to lose fat. 

3.Powering Up with Energy Bars & Sports Drinks

Energy bars and sports drinks are a great go-to snack, but only for exercise lasting more than 90 minutes. Usually, you spend less than 60 minutes and burn about 250-500 calories during exercise. Consuming sports drinks and energy bars deny all the calories burned during exercise, which can stop your fat loss. 

4. Performing Only Cardio Everyday

Cardio alone does not build muscles, evidence shows that people who performed both cardio and weight training exercise during 12-week program lost more body fat than those who did just one. 

5. Switching Desserts with Sugar Substitutes

Choosing foods with artificial sweeteners may save some calories but in the long run may increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart problems. Artificial sweeteners can speed up the cravings for sweet food in general.