Diwali or Deepavali is a major Indian festival that is celebrated every year in the Hindu month of Ashwiyuj/Karthik, which falls between October and November. The word Diwali is synonymous with lights and lamps and signifies the victory of good over evil, as it denotes the return of the Hindu God Rama, from His 14-year exile after defeating the demon king Raavana. People from all parts of India perform puja ceremonies and chant holy slokas, seeking the blessings of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, for wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

With Diwali fast approaching this weekend, the festive spirit is already in the air. The festival of lights invokes fond memories for every Indian, be it the early morning oil bath, donning grand new traditional attire, exchanging gifts with near and dear ones or bursting a host of fireworks with friends and family. Also Read: 5 Healthy Gifting Ideas This Diwali

calories in indian sweets

Desi sweets or “mithai” are undoubtedly a part of all the merriment, as friends, relatives and neighbours distribute several different time-tested rich Indian desserts, prepared with flour, sugar, ghee and oil, such as mysurpak, gulab jamun etc. However, while the rare indulgence is allowed, you must definitely keep a tab on how many calories you are consuming amidst all the revelries, maintain proper body weight, prevent the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease and enhance overall well-being. Also Read: Delicious Diwali Desserts With A Healthy Twist

1. Mysurpak

Musrupak is a must on Diwali. Made from a homogenous mixture of besan (gram flour), sugar and then shaped into soft, rectangular blocks with ample amounts of ghee, this soft sweet emanates mouth-watering aroma.

Calories In One Piece: 197 calories

2. Gulab Jamun

Description: These are smooth, deep-fried fist-sized spheres, made from khoa which are then soaked in a sugar syrup laced with the essence of cardamom, are everybody’s favourite on a festive day.

Calories In One Piece: 126 calories

3. Besan Ladoo

Description: These delicious round yellow spheres prepared using besan (gram flour), ghee and sugar, with almonds and cardamom powder for enhancing the flavour, are a quintessential sweet during Diwali celebrations.

Calories In One Piece: 135 calories

4. Coconut Barfi

Description: This is a tasty soft and slightly fuzzy sweet prepared with milk, grated coconut and sugar and is a favourite among kids and adults alike.

Calories In One Piece: 76 calories

5. Badusha

Description: Resembling glazed doughnuts from the West, this age-old desi mithai is made using maida (all-purpose flour), deep fried in oil and then saturated in sugar syrup. This sumptuous pastry with a crispy texture, is a quintessential festive dessert.

Calories In One Piece: 178 calories

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