Barley is a type of whole grain cereal that has a chewy texture and nutty flavour, commonly known as Jau in India. It is available in different forms such as hulled barley, barley grits, flakes etc., and one of the oldest cultivated grains in our country.

This less explored grain is packed with impressive nutrients including dietary fibre, molybdenum, manganese, selenium, B vitamins and power packed with antioxidant lignans.

However, barley contains some antinutrients which may impair nutrient absorption and digestion, soaking and sprouting the grain lowers the antinutrient content and also increases its nutrient levels.

Barley provides a host of health benefits such as improving digestion, losing weight, improving heart health and in preventing cancer.

Promotes Digestion

The richness of fibre in barley plays a vital role in promoting bowel function and prevents constipation by adding bulk to the stools. Regular intake of barley helps in maintaining the balance of gut-healthy bacteria. Evidence shows that an impressive nutrient profile in barley can help in preventing cancers related to digestive tracts.

Helps In Losing Weight

Barley being low on calories and high on fibre is an ideal grain in a weight loss diet. The goodness of fibre keeps you satiated for a longer time and prevents you from overeating. Furthermore, fibre curbs your appetite and craving for junk foods which will eventually burn more calories and help in sustained weight loss.

Heart Healthy Grain

The abundance of heart-healthy nutrients in barley such as thiamin, niacin, copper, magnesium are the key nutrients that are helpful in lowering the cholesterol, blood pressure and prevents risk of heart diseases. In addition, nutrient dense barley is beneficial in lowering the risk of atherosclerosis, by clearing the plaque formation in the arteries and reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Manage Diabetes

Barley is a perfect choice of whole grain that should be added in the regular regimen for diabetics as it helps in normalizing blood sugar level and improve insulin sensitivity. The richness of mineral magnesium in barley helps in improving insulin secretion and uptake of glucose by the body.

Immune Booster

The goodness of antioxidants lignans in barley boosts the immune system by combatting infection- causing bacteria. In addition, it also lessens inflammation and delays premature ageing of the body.

Culinary Uses

Barley is used widely in making a spectrum of dishes right from soups, stew, bread, breakfast cereals, milk porridge, pudding, and malted beverages. Reap the health benefits of barley by adding in your diet regimen.


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