If you are a fitness freak who hates the idea of gaining more weight and calories on holidays, read on. Not all vacations need to be lazy, so if you pick holiday packages that provide you some adventure sports, and activities, you can have super fun while burning away calories.

Activities That Burn More Calories:


Biking or cycling is the first and easy activity that comes to mind while on a holiday. Cycling enables you to explore new holiday spots, enjoy the surroundings and breath in fresh air. Go for biking after a heavy breakfast or lunch to burn around 300 calories. It also strengthens muscles, increases lung power and tones the body. Cycles are available on hourly rent in many hill stations and holiday spots for biking enthusiasts. 

Woman rowing a boat on a vacay


If you are holidaying around water bodies, it’s time to take up kayaking. Paddling at certain speed with an aim of completing three miles an hour can help you burn 200 calories. Moving your torso to the side while paddling strengthens muscles in the upper body, lower back.


Surfing is gaining popularity in India especially in the beaches of Goa, Mumbai and Chennai. Contrary to the belief you don’t have to be a professional to go surfing.  It is a fun and amazing activity which demands upper body strength, endurance, besides flexibility. Riding on waves while managing your surf board with legs tones the muscles and helps c in just 15 minutes.


Hiking or rock climbing is another popular activity that is quite a hit with younger lot. It helps in building full body strength, tones muscles, improves coordination between back, shoulders and arms. India is home to beautiful mountains and hill stations, go rock climbing wearing comfortable wear, with healthy snacks and lots of water in your back pack. A 30-minute rock climbing will help you burn a whopping 600 calories.


Nothing refreshes your summer holiday like a good swim. Get into the pool to improve your cardiovascular activity, build endurance, tone muscles, maintain healthy weight and shed those extra kilograms. A 30-minute swimming session will help you lose 300 calories.