Good health and well-being of a person greatly depends upon what you eat and drink. A sign of good health is to maintain your gut in optimal working condition and to get all the essential nutrients from the food we eat. The wellness perks of maintaining a healthy digestive system include improved immune system, better assimilation of nutrients, lesser flatulence, bloating, acidity and lowering the risk of other digestive problems.

The intestinal flora or gut bacteria known as microbiome aids in maintaining a healthy gut. The gut-friendly bacteria influence the absorption and digestion of essential nutrients and synthesis of vitamin B and vitamin K. There are various ways to maintain healthy functioning of the digestive system which include consumption of foods abundant in prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are foods rich in dietary fibre which promotes the growth of good bacteria. Probiotics are live bacteria found in foods that confer beneficial effects to the body.

Adding these wholesome foods regularly and practicing mindful eating habits help to maintain a healthy gut and lead a healthier lifestyle. Also Read: 7 Foods To Improve Gut Digestion

tips for good gut health

7 Foods To Improve Gut Digestion