Do you often suffer from itchiness in ears and feel like scratching all the time? It is a common complaint by many when weather gets chilly.How to Soothe Itchy Ears

Besides cold weather, itchy ears may be indicating an underlying health condition. Ears are one of the very sensitive organs in the body with several neurological fibers and prickling sensation in the inner canals of the ear can be quite uncomfortable and annoying.

Symptoms of Itchy Ears:

Itchiness in the ears can be very annoying and scratching makes things worse. See a doctor immediately if itchiness is accompanied by fever, swelling, clear liquid drainage out of ears etc.

Reasons Behind Itchy Ears:

Dry Skin:

If your ears fail to produce enough wax, the skin inside becomes itchy and dry. Ear wax lubricates the inner parts of the ear and its absence causes flaky skin, which induces irritation.

Dermatitis in Ears:

Dermatitis in ear is a condition where skin in and around the ear canal gets swollen. It can be a result of allergic reaction caused due to cosmetic products, metal jewellery etc.,

Outer Ear Infection:

Outer ear infection also known as otitis externa can cause both itching and pain. This infection makes ears red, swollen and is caused due to repeated exposure to water making it more vulnerable to inflammation.

Hearing Aids:

Individuals using hearing aids are also at the risk of itchy ears. Ill-fitting hearing aids mount pressure in the inner regions of the ears leading to redness and itchiness.


Psoriasis is a skin condition caused due to overactive immune system. Psoriasis in ears can cause inflammation, thick, red, white patches of the skin leading to severe itchiness.

How To Prevent Itchy Ears:

Do not ever clean ears with cotton swabs, cotton balls, clips, pins or any other sharp objects.

Always use antiallergic jewellery, check if you are allergic to certain metals.

If you are suffering excess ear wax, talk to your doctor on how to clean it.

When To Call A Doctor

The most common cause behind itchy ears is scaling of the skin. See a dermatologist to determine if it is due to weather conditions or a skin related problem. Other reasons include lubrication of the ear wax, water accumulation in the ear canal, foreign particles in the ear.

Talk to your doctor for medication, do not ever apply any ointment or ear drops, oils without consulting the specialist.