A strict or harsh parenting style affects the development of the child and may lead to negative behaviour in growing teens.


The study was conducted on 1060 students from the 7th grade till they reached the age of 21 years.  The study published in the Child Development journal showed that children who received harsh or strict parenting showed poor performance in academics and behavioural problems.

The children were made to report the arrogant attitude of the parents such as hitting and shouting, making abusive threats, punishing the children, etc.  The children were also made to report the effects of harsh parenting, their interaction with friends and neighbours, their sexual behaviours and their inclination towards crime.

The study showed that children with harsh parenting earlier started regarding their friends with most importance when compared to their parents or other responsibilities.  This attitude of the children later resulted in frequent violent behaviour, which forced them to indulge in stealing, petty crimes and frequent sexual inclination.

This attitude leads to psychological imbalance in the children, thus, distracting the child from education, and ultimately forcing them into crimes and increased sexual activities.

Source: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/315707.php