It's vacay time! And if you have put your travel plans on hold for the last two years, it's time to pack up. Pandemic or otherwise, don't we all wait for this time of the year with great excitement? Why wouldn't we?  

After all, who does not want to take a break from the nine-to-five routine that keeps us immersed throughout the year? The idea of exploring a destination, eating a new delicacy, or just sitting under the stars from the hubbub of city life gives an adrenaline rush. Isn't it?

On the flip side, the last few years have been relentless, and when it comes to globetrotting dreams, Covid 19 has put a temporary halt to our vacation plans and travel goals. While Covid is very much around, our keen desire remains to travel. No worries! 

With the removal of travel restrictions, timely vaccinations, and boosters in place, we all are back in action. The only difference is the level of safety measures we ought to take with the deadly virus still hovering around. 

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So, folks! Plan a vacation, pack your bags, and get going. There is no reason not to go. Run through a list of things that you may want to carry to keep your excursions stress-free, safe, and of course, an astounding experience! 

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