The advent of technology has meandered its way well into the doctor’s clinic, what with anything from the humble stethoscope to much more advanced medical equipment consistently being designed with all the latest knowhow. Also Read: The Coolest Medical Inventions of 2018 For A Hopeful 2019

Until a few years ago, in-depth aspects of medicine, such as increased precision apparatuses in brain surgery and useful gears for predicting as well as preventing breast cancer, were basically what everybody assumed was just science fiction and could in no way be implemented practically. However, cut to the arrival of the new year 2020, and these cool inventions are very close to becoming a reality.

Groundbreaking medical inventions for 2020

Highlighted below are some of the foremost recent discoveries and inventions, that are clearly en route to revolutionizing the realm of medical technology and healthcare in 2020!

Smart Vaccines

You would have certainly come across smartphones, smart tablets and even smart TVs, but have you heard of smart vaccines? Well, in the near future, customized vaccines to effectively prevent various common and rarer microbial diseases might just be the real deal. Scientists suggest that utilizing mathematical models to analyse global data on ailments can prove to be very successful, in completely eliminating the illness by means of single-shot vaccines, that could even circumvent antibiotic resistance

Accurate Detection Of Breast Cancer

Just one drop of blood is all you need, to tell you if you might be at heightened risk of acquiring breast cancer. If you think this sounds too good to be true, well, then think again. Researchers have designed a test to look for the presence of autoantibodies – substances that are synthesized in blood, in response to cancer cells. These compounds have the potential to precisely predict the risk of breast cancer in women. Also Read: Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

3D Printed Medical Tools

The rapid progress in the domain of 3D printing has proven to be rather advantageous for medicine and healthcare. Exact replicas of internal and external prosthetics can effortlessly be manufactured, to match the patient’s body type. The immense applications of this amazing 3D printing technique comprise airway stents for enhancing breathing and heart function, dental implants for teeth imperfections and complications as well as craniofacial duplicates, to correct for irregularities in the facial region.

Enhanced Precision In Brain Surgery

Appropriately made instrumentation is the key to any successful invasive protocols in the delicate regions of the brain and skull. A retractor called Radiex has been developed by a team of talented biomedical engineers, that can effectually hold back cortical tissue without increasing pressure in surrounding tissues and allows for extensive manoeuvring within the brain such as in invasive brain tumour removal procedures. Who knows, complex brain operations might just be a no-brainer in the coming year!

Tracking Pregnancy And Childbirth

A tiny patch glued onto the pregnant woman’s belly consists of image detection sensors. These can monitor uterine muscle movement, to help evaluate exactly when labour is progressing. Infant baby cameras are also being designed, to assist in determining the newborn’s respiratory status and immediately alert the parents and doctors if the baby stops to breathe. Young moms fret not, for artificial intelligence and microscopic technologies are here, to relieve all your tensions and allay any fears you might have about the health of your little one.


Progressive and visionary instruments, artificial intelligence, semiconducting devices, and minuscule health monitors are all truly blessings of modern technology, that will certainly contribute towards improved speed and accuracy of physicians, surgeons and diagnostics, besides making life easy, augmenting overall wellbeing and providing accessible and affordable healthcare for one and all.