If it's a taboo for women to discuss sexual problems, even men face similar issues that literally shake their self-confidence. Well, we are talking about Erectile Dysfunction or E.D which is quite a common problem plaguing men in today’s age characterized by the inability of a male to maintain or withhold the erection during sexual intercourse. Owing to the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy dietary choices, many men face a great imbalance in the Vata Doshas within the body. And this imbalance leads to a number of anomalies targeting the physical, psychological and mental well-being which directly or indirectly causes excessive sweating and palpitation during sexual activity, making one lose interest in their partner. Although, there are many allopathic remedies to treat ED, if you prefer natural ones, then Talmakhana is your ultimate answer.

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What Is Talmakhana?

Talmakhana, popularly known as Kokilaksha in vernacular term is an extensive Rasayanic herb that is widely used for the treatment and management of erectile dysfunction and several other inflammatory conditions. The term ‘Kokilaksha’ is made up of two words where ‘Kokila’ means ‘the Indian bird Cuckoo’ and ‘Aksha’ means ‘eyes’. So, the term simply means ‘eyes like the bird cuckoo’.

Talmkahana which goes by the scientific name Asteracantha longifolia is a rejuvenative herb that grows to a height of 3-5 feet and is commonly found thriving well in the fields, marshlands and water sources all over India. Coming from the family Acanthaceae, the plant is erect and robust and an annual herb featuring pale to purple flowers and oblanceolate leaves. It usually bores oblong fruits which are 4 to 8 seeded.

Synonyms Of Talmakhana

This incredible herb is known by different names in the Indian subcontinent. Some of which includes Ikshura, Ikshuraka, Kokilaksha and Culli in Sanskrit, Kulekhara in Bengali, Ekharo, Talmakhana, in Hindi, Nirmulli, Kolavulike, Kolavankae, in Kannada, Vayalculli in Malayalam, Nirchulli, Talimakhana, Koilrekha, Koillekha in Oriya,  Nirmulle,  Nerugobbi, and Gobbi In Tamil.

Ayurvedic Indications Of Talmakhana

Ayurveda, the holistic science of herbal remedies has extensively mentioned the use of this time-tested compound multiple times in several ayurvedic scriptures and journals of Charaka and Susruta. It is mostly indicated for its use in the following conditions which include, Klaibya (treats male sexual dysfunction), Mehahara (treats urinary tract disorders), Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body), Balya (improves muscle strength), Dahahara (relieves burning sensation), Trutahara (relieves excessive thirst), Gulmajit (useful in abdominal tumours),  Ruchya (improves taste), Chakushya (treats eye problems), Kamala (prevents jaundice), and Pushtida (good for nutrition).

Health Benefits Of Talmakhana

Boosts Male Reproductive System

Talmakhana is typically indicated for improving men’s health. Being a natural apphrodisiac, it has powerful spermatogenic properties that are extremely beneficial for treating oligospermia (i.e. low sperm count), hypospermia (low volume of semen), asthenozoospermia (i.e. sperm motility), teratospermia (i.e. abnormal sperm shape) and enhances spermatogenesis (i.e. sperm production). The abundance of antioxidants improves the production of male hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone. It also treats conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Prevents Anxiety and Depression

Owing to its strong rejuvenative property, talmakhana is extremely useful for treating different types of psychotic problems like depression, dementia, etc. It normalises the vata and pitta doshas in the body which in turn keeps the serotonin level under control and helps to reduce various symptoms of anxiety which includes restlessness, uneasiness, cold hands, and feet, etc. Additionally, it also helps in reducing mental stress and anxiety and stimulates the hormones for increasing libido. It also increases virility and stamina in men.

Remedies Pain And Inflammation

The abundance of anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties of the bioactive ingredients in Talmakhana makes it the ultimate choice for providing relief from pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Gout which is known as Vatarakta in Ayurveda generally stems due to vitiation of Vata doshas and accumulation of uric acids in the joints. Talmakhana is quintessential against Gout which is characterized by excruciating pain and metabolic sickness.

Improves Immunity

This powerful herb plays a pivotal role in improving the general stamina and energy level of the body. The active ingredients in talmakhana reduces weakness and fatigue and improves the vitality of the various organs. It also improves the function of the adrenal glands which in turn helps in reducing the stress levels.

Treats Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which an individual suffers from self-starvation. It is also attached to mental health as the individual suffers from low weight issues, fear of gaining weight, lower self-esteem and an intense desire to reduce weight. Additionally, the person also has a loss of hunger or desire to eat any food. The appetizing property of talmakhana aids in the digestion of food, improves appetite, promotes absorption of nutrients and thereby ensures that the person eats healthily.

Boosts Stamina

This magical herb is extremely useful against general weakness and debility. It reduces anxiety and stressful conditions by improving adrenal health. Owing to its Balya property, it invigorates the body with energy and meets with the required calories to bolster overall stamina.

Promotes Digestion

Thanks to the mild carminative and digestive properties of the herb, Talmakhana offers an incredible solution for all digestive woes. The anti-flatulent property reduces the formation of gas in the alimentary canal, thus treating conditions like flatulence, bloating, constipation, and abdominal distension. Additionally, the abundance of fibre, vastly improves the peristaltic movements of the gut and helps in complete evacuation of stools and prevents the formation of toxins.

Mitigates Liver Problems

The seeds of talmakhana are blessed with strong hepatoprotective and hepatostimulative qualities which makes it vital during jaundice, in which the liver gets mostly effected. It also helps in regulating the production of bile and ridding the body of harmful substance.

Good For The Eye

The potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of the biochemical constituents in Talmakhana are extremely beneficial for promoting eye health and clarifying the vision. Prescribed intake of talmakhana prevents glaucoma, night blindness and also other eye infections.

Effect On Doshas

Talmakhana is blessed with Madhura Rasa (sweet taste) and Guru (heavy) and Snigdha (oily) gunas. It has Shita Virya (cold potency) and Madhura Vipaka (pungent metabolic property). It aggravates the Kapha doshas (earth and water) and pacifies Vata (air) and Pitta (fire and air) doshas. Owing to the essential properties and doshas, the herb has a positive effect on the various Dhatus (i.e. body tissues) which are Rasa (i.e. Plasma), Rakta (i.e. Blood), Mamsa (i.e. Muscles), Asthi (i.e. Bones) and Shukra (i.e. Reproductive Fluids).

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Talmakhana Dosage

The effectual therapeutic dosage of Talmakhana may vary from person to person depending upon the age, body strength, effects on appetite, severity, and condition of the patient. It is firmly recommended to consult an ayurvedic doctor or practitioner as he or she would evaluate the patient’s indications, past medical conditions and prescribe an effective dose for a specific period.

Talmakhana Churna/ Powder – ¼ - ½ tsp twice a day.

Talmakhana Gutika/ Capsule - 1-2 capsule twice a day.

Talmakhana Side-effects

Although the herb has been studied and researched extensively and is extremely beneficial in treating umpteen health conditions, it is still necessary to consume the formulation in the prescribed amount as suggested by the ayurvedic practitioner or doctor. Although there are no reported side effects due to intake of talmakhana, it is still necessary for pregnant women and lactating mothers to consult a doctor before consuming it.


Since time immemorial, Talmakhana has been mentioned in several ayurvedic textbooks as a potent Rasayanic or rejuvenative herb owing to its immense health benefits and properties. This incredible medicinal herb is classified as an adaptogen and thus helps in normalizing stress and anxiety. Being a potent aphrodisiac, it improves libido, treats various infertility issues and improves the reproductive health in men. It also treats anorexia and improves overall stamina and body immunity.