As a part of Women’s Day Awareness Campaign,, talks to Snigdha Menon, a 32-year-old IT professional, who is facing infertility problems. Snigdha relates her condition to little plants that grow every day and how greenery around her encourages her not to lose hope.

small plant and girl

‘Baby...Baby...Bay...’, he screams from the bedroom. I frantically turn the burner off, no one likes burnt scrambled eggs; I say to myself, and rush to see what the fuss is all about. The man of my dreams, or so I’d like to believe, stands in front of me complaining that all of his socks have ‘broken up and aren’t together anymore’.

I am not amused, I find a pair and throw it at him and say ‘Your jokes are becoming like a duck on Wall Street’ and head back to the kitchen to take care of my Ramsay’s wrath worthy scrambled eggs.

I can’t stop chuckling; Even though I pretend like his antics annoy me, I secretly enjoy these charades. I love it when he calls me ‘His Baby’ in a sing-song way; The ladies in my MIL’s kitty party think it's his way of making peace with the fact that we haven't had a baby in the last four years of our marriage.

The herb garden on my kitchen’s window sill is always healthy, my garden is the greenest; with creepers, climbers, and flowering plants welcoming you at any time of the year. The money plant that's nestled on my drawing room table needs grooming every week. The universe has blessed me with a green thumb; these plants are my babies. As happy as I am to know that I'm single-handedly responsible for the life in and around my house, I can't stop the ennui that engulfs my being because of my inability to foster a baby in my womb. I can barely cook, is this why there's no bun in my oven?

I've prayed to all the three hundred crore deities and visited every doctor in the country. Why can't I? Just why?

I always wonder how farmers feel when their crops don't live to see the harvest festival. Do they feel the same as I do? Just like natural forces getting rid of the fertile alluvial soil, has my body been subject to calamities? I wonder and wonder.

My husband is ready and he's taking his car out now, I say bye and retreat to my kitchen. Through the crack in my window I see all two tiny green leaves looking up at me from the crevice of my Cuddapah stone pathway. I smile and tell myself, maybe impossible is nothing.

My husband yells from the car, bye green babies and my overgrown human baby. Somehow, life is just the way it's meant to be.

It's OK, I'll be his baby and he mine.

There's always hope.


What Is Infertility?

Infertility is a condition in which the reproductive system prevents the conception of a child. Unfortunately, infertility is only associated with a woman’s health but that’s not true. The health of both male and female partners plays an equal role in the conception of a baby. A couple is usually diagnosed with infertility, if they have been trying to conceive for at least a year and not successful.

What Causes Infertility In Women:

Ovulation Disorders:

This affects the release of eggs from the ovaries often caused due to PCOS, high levels of prolactin hormone, hyper or hypo thyroid, eating disorders, injury. 

Cervical Abnormality:

Abnormality at the opening of the cervix, polyps in uterus, benign tumors blocking fallopian tubes.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes:

Fallopian tubes get blocked or damaged due to swelling caused due to STDs, tuberculosis, adhesions and endometriosis.


A condition in which endometrial tissue grows outside uterus affecting the functioning of ovaries, fallopian tubes.

Early Menopause:

In this condition, a woman reaches her menopause early in age, even before 40, often caused to immune system, genetic conditions.

Pelvic infections, delayed puberty, celiac disease, lupus, poorly controlled diabetes are other reasons.

What Causes Infertility In Men:

Abnormal Sperm Function:

This condition is caused due to undescended testicles, diabetes, genetic issues, sexually transmitted diseases.

Inability to Deliver Sperm:

Sexual problems like premature ejaculation, cystic fibrosis, blockages or damage in the testicles and reproductive organs.

Environmental Factors:

Exposure to certain chemicals, pesticides, smoking, illicit drugs, overuse of antibiotics can cause issues related to infertility in men.

Cancer Treatment:

Radiation and chemotherapy can affect production of sperm.

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