Boswellia serrata, commonly known as Indian frankincense and as Sallaki in Sanskrit, is a medium-sized tree that is native to the arid, hilly regions in India and the Middle East. The trunk of this tree is cut open, to extract a jelly-like resin and is then kept aside to derive oil and solidify the remainder of the resin into unstructured, tear-shaped products with an aromatic scent. 

This extract is composed of 30-60% resin, 5-10% essential oils and the residual matter of polysaccharides (substances that comprise many sugar molecules linked together).  The chemical constituents of the 30-60% resin fraction are beta boswellic acids, and mono, di and triterpenes, which have been scientifically examined for their anti-inflammatory potential. Traditionally, this juice of Boswellia serrata is widely used in treating several acute and chronic ailments, as documented in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures.

Since the turn of the twenty first century, this dated herb is undergoing a revival of sorts, and is being studied for its significant curative properties in a host of diseases ranging from emphysema – a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to cancer.

Boswellia serrata is prescribed by doctors for appropriate ailments and is sold commercially and consumed orally in the form of capsules, tablets as well as its bark decoction.

Boswellia serrata

The Benefits of Boswellia serrata

Soothes Joint Pains:

According to various studies the daily intake of Indian frankincense by the patients suffering from the two forms of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis effectively alleviates the symptoms related to joint pains and improves mobility. The reduction in discomfort is mainly attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of the herb.

Treats Tummy Issues:

Doctors prescribe Indian frankincense supplements for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. It also serves as an anti-pyretic and anti-ulcerative characteristic 

Eases Asthma:

Boswellia is involved in diminishing the presence of leukotrienes – molecules responsible for the contraction of muscles in the lungs.  This shows the vital role of the herb in efficiently treating asthma and other respiratory disorders. The remedial advantages of this herb even assist the body in combating external environmental allergens, that can worsen asthma symptoms.

Manages Diabetes:

Various scientific studies have established the goodness of Boswellia serrata in reducing the levels of blood glucose in the patients suffering from type-2 diabetes. This medicinal plant possesses anti-diabetic potency and can even prevent the difficulties caused to kidneys and liver due to diabetes.

Slowdown Skin Aging:

A regular application of creams infused with Indian frankincense will decrease fine lines making the skin soft and supple. It can be used by both men and women. The antioxidants slowdown the process of skin aging, besides providing glow to the damaged skin.


  • It is advised to avoid taking Boswellia serrata products during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Always consult your physician for advice on when it is safe to consume the herbal medicine.
  • Caution must be exercised while taking Boswellia serrata tablets along with other medicines for any other ailments you may have, to avoid any harmful interactions.