Sauna bath is a traditional therapy, in which steam and high heat make bathers perspire to improve cardiovascular health and to flush out toxins and it has been in practice for more than 3000 years.

A sauna bath is recommended for various health benefits especially for relaxation and to improve cardiovascular health. Fitness experts recommend taking a sauna bath after a workout as it relaxes muscles and helps in flushing out toxins.

Woman sitting for Sauna Bath

What Is Sauna Bath?

Sauna room is a small enclosure heated up to 70 to 100 degree Celsius, with an aim to increase the temperature of the skin and to make it sweat. Traditionally, these sauna rooms were made of wood but in modern times, we find these facilities equipped with electric heaters, infrared and steam rooms, where temperatures and humidity can be adjusted.

The Benefits Of Sauna Bath:

Stress Relief:

Believe it or not, regular sauna bathers vouch by the stress releasing properties of sauna bath. The heat generated in the sauna room relaxes muscles and the ‘me’ time stimulates the production of endorphins- the happy chemical, oxytocin making you feel positive and happy.

Cardiovascular Health:

Regular sauna bath is beneficial in treating issues related to cardiovascular health. It helps in improving the blood flow, making arteries healthier and reduces high blood pressure. Several studies support that using sauna bath 2 times a week has reduced the risk of heart ailments by 27 per cent and has considerably reduced spiking levels of blood pressure.

Pain Relief:

A sauna bath is recommended post intense workouts as it provides instant relief from pain. The hot temperature and sweat dilate blood vessels increasing the blood circulation and it turn heals aching joints and muscles. A regular sauna session after strength training not only releases ‘good hormones’ but also builds stronger muscles. As per the study published by IOWA university, a sauna bath increases growth hormone by 200 per cent and prevents muscle atrophy or beri beri.

Flushes Toxins:

A sauna bath makes body sweat intensely, raising the core temperature of the body. Even as the sweat glands become active and perspire more, it helps body push out various toxins making the internal organs healthier. Doctors recommend sauna bath for its amazing detoxification properties.

Enhances Beauty:

Sauna sessions are your beauty baths. A 20-minute intense sauna steam cleanses the skin, replaces dead skin cells and flushes out bacteria from the inner skin layers and sweat ducts. It in fact improves blood circulation in tiny capillaries and provides instant glow.


While a sauna bath is considered harmless talk to your doctor if you suffer from electrolyte imbalance or you have the tendency to sweat even under normal weather conditions. Do not ever step into a sauna room after consuming alcohol.

Avoid sauna if you are suffering from any illness or pregnant.

Drink plenty of water before and after the session to replenish lost fluids.

Do not ever extend the session beyond 20 minutes.