Quite often, most of you might have found yourselves in a position of waking up feeling tired or yawning throughout the day in between your meetings or some important calls that might have portrayed you as a lazy log. One might think, that the lack of sleep is the root cause of this problem. Although it might be one important facet towards feeling tired and fatigued, it isn’t the exact cause. Unhealthy food choices and lack of superfoods are crucial in making you feel lethargic.

Although coffee lovers, take this as an opportunity to grab another cup, it isn’t healthy towards your system since too much of caffeine intake can not only cause insomnia, but also cause stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting. Instead of reaching out for sugar-loaded snacks and savories for your breakfast, start your day with some power-packed foods. Also Read: 5 Healthy Food Choices To Start Your Day

A breakfast palate including fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and foods high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants floods the body with healthful nutrients that help counteract exhaustion and keep one energized throughout the day. Check-out this infographic to know more about these super-foods:

superfoods for energy