Green smoothies are the latest health fad, thanks to various nutritional benefits packed into one. Adding leafy greens to your smoothies is an excellent way to replenish the nutrients, besides making your drink colourful and nutrient dense.

Green Smoothies For Optimum Health

Drink these smoothies at least thrice in a week to uplift your physical wellbeing and to detox on a regular basis. 

Tips While Making A Smoothie:

Pick fresh, green leafy vegetables and wash thoroughly.

Do not overcook greens as they tend to lose their nutrients.

Never discard the water in which greens have been boiled. Blend it with other ingredients for better nutrition.

You can add condiments and spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon to enhance the flavor of your smoothie. 

Top Benefits of Green Smoothie 

Improved Nutrient Absorption

Green veggies like kale, spinach, collard and lettuce are like storehouses of nutrients. These leaves when blended into smoothies’ increase the nutrients released and get readily absorbed into bloodstream.

Promotes Digestion

Smoothies are divergent to juices, it makes the most out of whole fruits and veggies. The abundance of fibre in green leafy vegetables, when taken in a nourishing smoothie, aids you in achieving the best possible digestibility.

Immune Booster

Leafy green vegetables come with a walloping amount of nutrients that includes vitamins A, C, K, and folate, and iron and calcium. They are also a powerhouse of antioxidants all of which makes green smoothies to combat infections and boost your immune system.

Boost Up Energy

The power packed smoothies make you refreshed and energized!

Maintains Bone Health

The abundance of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin K in green leafy vegetables ensure bone health and prevent brittleness and conditions like osteoporosis.

Heart Healthy

Green smoothies are an ideal choice of drink to keep up the heart health. Super rich in antioxidants and fibre green smoothies remarkably lowers cholesterol levels and lowers risk of heart diseases or stroke.

Nourishes Skin

Green smoothies are packed up with all vital nutrients and antioxidants that hydrates and detoxifies the skin, making your skin glow and look ravishing.

Wholesome Drink

A wholesome smoothie can be a part of your healthy diet for all picky eaters. The goodness of chlorophyll in these smoothies replenishes and restores red blood cells, revitalizing your body.

Promotes Weight Loss

Green smoothies are whole, unprocessed, nourishing foods that keep you satiated and reduces craving for unhealthy foods. This makes green smoothies are a great drink for all those who want to shed those extra pounds.