The stringent lockdown measures in India will continue till May 3 and this unprecedented move in order to contain the deadly COVID-19 virus have indeed put the daily routines, sleep patterns and even eating habits of many people in a quandary. And yes, it can be quite challenging to manage a household with a busy working couple, elderly parents and rather annoying and restless kids. Also Read: COVID-19: 9 Productive Ways To Keep Your Kids Engaged During The Social Lockdown

And if you are a pet lover and your family include dogs and cats, it’s time you learn that animals too get affected just by staying cooped up indoors for pretty much all day and all night and as a pet parent you need to share equal and immediate attention on these animals, just like with other family members. 
pet care during lockdown

On normal days, pet owners usually take their four-legged friends outdoors every day for a walk, where they sometimes even socialize with other pets or play a game of fetch in the park. With many colonies and housing societies laying down strict guidelines on walking the pets, the owners are confused on how to reschedule and retrain the canines and felines for keeping them alert throughout the day. 

Veterinary doctors say that staying indoors for long hours can cause lowered levels of energy and metabolism besides making pets lazy, dull and lethargic. 

It is also common for the pet animals like cats and dogs to experience anxiety and stress due to lack of intense physical activity. Absence of much social contact and altered food patterns lowers their immune system activity as well.

If you are a pet owner, we bring you some valuable guidelines to follow in this chaotic lockdown phase, to augment your adorable pet’s overall health, so they can deal with the social distancing and isolation measures in a positive manner.

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Useful Tips To Safeguard The Welfare Of Your Pets During COVID-19 Lockdown:

Maintain Personal And Home Hygiene

Just like us, pets too need good amounts of personal hygiene for avoiding various infections. Since it is tough to take your pet for a walk during the lockdown, it is advisable to stock litter bags for disposing of the animal waste properly. In case, if you are planning to take your canine out for a walk, do it early in the morning or late in the evening to minimize the contact with others. Make sure the pet doesn’t run around much and to be back home within 10 to 15 minutes. It is also advisable to give a shower after returning home, for removing all dirt and dust that may cause infection to your dog. Also Read: COVID-19: This Is How You Clean & Disinfect Your Home To Prevent Coronavirus

Take Adequate Preventive Measures

It is absolutely essential to take your pets to the vet, to make sure they are given the necessary vaccines and medications, besides a complete health check. Grooming your pets, removing excess fur and trimming nails is also vital to prevent illness and stay protected. And in case your vet is not available in the clinic due to the lockdown, seek advice from them or another healthcare professional via telemedicine services.

Be Prepared For Emergencies

As a pet parent, you must have certainly vaccinated your dog or cat, but it is indeed advisable to keep few medications handy. The most common requirement would be a de-worming medicine and other medications which can stop vomiting. If you find your pet feeling sick like running fever, that could be an emergency. Talk to the vet right away. 

Ensure Physical And Mental Wellbeing

Since taking pets outside every day is not recommended in these uncertain times, engage your pets in other activities in your own home or in the parking lot, backyard or verandah, to keep them physically fit and mentally alert. Pet owners, who themselves engage in home workout sessions during lockdown, must take extra efforts to provide their pets at least an hour of physical activity daily. Activities such as playing games or running in staircases, besides keeping them company at home, will guarantee complete healthcare.

Provide A Nutritious Diet

Any pet owner usually loves pampering their pets, by feeding them big meals and allowing their pets to indulge in junk food. However, since pets are not exposed to much physical activity now due to the lockdown, it is important to give your furry friend portion-controlled meals. Stock up on dog and cat foods for at least one month and ensure that your pets eat well and on time, to regulate their appetite and curb untimely cravings.