As a part of Women’s Day Awareness Campaign,, talks to Harini Srinivasan, a 50-plus, retired banker dealing with Osteoporosis. Harini relates her condition to a drought hit and parched area but wants to move on by making little changes towards a better quality of life.


I was born a Harini, over the years I’ve earned so many names; ‘Akka, Amma, Ajji…’ It’s funny how no one even remembers my real name. I’m not complaining, I like all the different roles I play.

My day used to start with Arnold, my over grown pupper, waking me up and dragging me out for his morning walk. I’d then get back home and my day would officially begin. Cooking, packing multiple lunch boxes, chanting mantras, paying obeisance to all my favorite Goddesses; phew, the morning hustle was real.


I used to take the train from Churchgate to Bandra every single day, during the commute I’d make mental notes and plan my week. Grocery lists, grandkids and their exam timetable, husband’s travel schedule, in-law’s physiotherapy sessions, Arnold’s food; planning, planning, planning that’s how I’d spend every waking minute.

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I’d get off at the station and take a rickshaw to work, greet the security guard, and head straight to my desk. For the next nine hours, I couldn’t afford to think of anything else but making entries. ‘Harini can help you’, was the most used sentence in my office; I was flattered that I am everyone’s ‘go-to person’, but boy was it hectic! When the clock strikes 6, I’d head straight to the station, no distractions whatsoever.

However, things have changed now. Waking up every morning itself has become a mammoth task. After being diagnosed with Osteoporosis, even the mundane tasks look like milestones. Not being able to be everyone’s go-to person is kind of a bummer. I miss being in control of everything.

However, on the up side, being diagnosed with this condition helped me strengthen my relationship with someone who I’d forgotten; ME. I’d always placed myself last, took my health for granted, and never really gave myself the love and care that I truly deserved. Even when my body was changing and showed signs of weakness, age, stress, and fatigue I just did not care. A few strands of grey hair, crow’s feet near the eyes, and injuries to my, now, weak bones didn’t seem like a big thing. All it took was one nudge and a broken finger to remind me of the neglect.

Today I promise to take care of myself better. I will put Harini ahead of Amma, Akka, Ajji. I will not neglect my health, and most importantly the changes in my body. I realize I am at an age where my body is changing and I need to tend to it’s needs.

If you’re taking on multiple roles in your life, don’t forget the most important one of it all.

Being You!

Signs And Symptoms

There won’t be any specific symptoms in the initial stages of osteoporosis but as the bones become weaker you may experience certain signs and symptoms:

Severe back pain due to brittle bones

Stooping of the spine

Postural change.

Easily prone to fractures.

Factors That Cause Osteoporosis:


The older you are, greater the risk.


Women are more prone than men.


The condition is prevalent among people with Asian lineage

Family History:

Having a parent or sibling with osteoporosis increases your risk.

Body frame-men and women with small body frame are at higher risk.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Prevention is better than cure holds good for osteoporosis. The ideal way to prevent osteoporosis is to start working on your bones when they are still young. Follow these simple tips to prevent osteoporosis.

Get adequate calcium, vitamin D and eat a well-balanced diet

Stay active and engage in regular exercise.

Quit smoking and limit the intake of alcohol.