Nutmeg, commonly called “Jaiphal” in Hindi, is a rather familiar spice in Indian kitchens, used extensively for imparting a sweet essence to standard dishes such as dal, pulao, biryani, soups. It is also incorporated into desserts like halwa, barfi, laddu, besides being that quintessential ingredient in western baked goodies like cookies, pies and cakes.

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Obtained from the seeds of the nutmeg tree, scientifically termed as Myristica fragrans, the dried kernels are powdered and used for culinary, cooking purposes. And for extracting that aromatic, yet pungent and highly effective concoction – nutmeg essential oil, the pods undergo the process of steam distillation.

Nutmeg essential oil is a volatile liquid, that is thin and light yellow in colour, which exudes a strong spicy scent with a unique pleasant, musky undertone. It has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times, due to the plethora of therapeutic characteristics it contains. These include significant anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antimicrobial, cleansing and energizing traits. The primary compounds which offer these helpful qualities are monoterpene hydrocarbons – sabene, pinene and limonene.
nutmeg essential oil

Not only does nutmeg essential oil relieves joint pain, elevates mood, regulates menstrual cycles, hormones in women and treat the common cold, lung problems, but it also has several fortifying compounds that supply crystal clear skin and healthy hair This, coupled with its revitalizing scent, makes it a popular addition to perfumes, soaps, shower gels, cleansers, moisturizers, as well as shampoos, conditioners and oral, dental care products.

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Nutmeg essential oil is truly a superb addition to any medicinal cabinet as well as skincare routine, thanks to its myriad natural healing components. Read on, to gain insight into the fantastic merits that this woody smelling oil confers, for total healthcare.

Brilliant Advantages Of Nutmeg Essential Oil For Overall Wellbeing:

Heals Mental Stress

Nutmeg essential oil is packed with both, stimulant and sedative properties, besides an uplifting aroma. These remarkably lower high blood pressure levels and ease stress, tension, worry in the mind. In addition, this natural residue also alleviates depression, anxiety, insomnia and promotes deep sleep.

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Soothes Menstrual Cramps

Blessed with powerful phytonutrients that hold analgesic traits, nutmeg essential oil works wonders to pacify soreness and discomfort in the lower abdominal region in women, during menstruation. Its inherent pain-relieving qualities work wonders in reducing swelling, muscle strain, bone and joint aches as well.

Eliminates Mouth Odour

Nutmeg essential oil exudes an invigorating scent, apart from containing myriad antimicrobial agents. These instantly eliminate instances of bad breath and with potent antiseptic properties, work to efficiently combat bacteria, other germs causing infections in the region of the oral cavity and mouth.

Rectifies Skin Conditions

Renowned for its excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds, nutmeg essential oil is a panacea for a host of skin woes, from acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, to eczema and dry, peeling tissues. This natural extract visibly diminishes wrinkles, scars, roughness, to reveal youthful, unblemished, radiant skin.

Treats Respiratory Problems

Nutmeg essential oil comprises vast reserves of decongestant elements. These beneficial compounds decrease tightness, pain in the chest, to minimize symptoms of asthma, allergies and wheezing. Moreover, the strong fragrance from the oil clears blockages in the nasal passage, resolving cough, cold, enhancing breathing, lung functions.

Rectifies Gut Problems

Nutmeg essential oil is packed with powerful phytonutrients which positively influence the functioning of the organs in the gastrointestinal tract, namely the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Mixing a few drops of nutmeg essential oil with two teaspoons of sesame oil – a highly viscous carrier oil and pressing this blend gently across the tummy provides instant relief from indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, flatulence, besides regulating appetite.

Boosts Sexual Stamina

The strong, invigorating aroma and the intrinsic healing properties of nutmeg essential oil work wonders in stimulating sexual performance and libido in both men and women. Adding 6 – 8 drops of this redolent oleaginous tincture to a bucket of warm water, then taking a bath in the rejuvenating potion is a brilliant way to counteract issues of erectile dysfunction in men and frigidity in women. This in turn bolsters overall sexual wellness.

Adds Volume To Hair

The host of nurturing antioxidants found in nutmeg essential oil confer tremendous merits for imparting a vibrant shine and silky smooth texture to the mane, besides strengthening strands, increasing thickness and leaving hair smelling fresh and pleasant. Moreover, common complaints of persistent hair fall, bald patches can be easily resolved, by regularly applying some nutmeg essential oil onto scalp, to foster the growth of long, dense and robust tresses.