New Year comes with an oasis of tranquillity, joy, and a promise of a fresh start, and a new commitment towards healthful living. Being the first day of the year, apart from planning the entire day for meeting up with friends and relatives, you might just be jotting down some specific determinations you plan on keeping up, moving forward. But it is also true by the end of January, most of these resolutions die down midway. Also Read: How To Stick To Your New Year's Health Goals

new year resolutions

Several surveys show, that the common reason for these broken resolutions is that most people look at others and take up challenges just for the sake of it without thinking about their own lifestyle or the commitment they need to make.

In most cases, people make unrealistic promises of completely changing their lifestyle or food habits that mostly lead to self-deprivation making you unsatisfactory and unhappy over the long run and ultimately have poor execution.

Instead of making impractical resolutions for yourself, chalk out some simple goals that are not only easy to keep in the long run but also doesn’t rob you of anything, rather improve your self-esteem and make you more confident of yourself.

If you are still wondering what to resolve about. This year say cheers to your health and pick one or few from these easy to fulfil resolutions:

Take Stairs Instead Of Lifts:

In our busy lifestyle, it is extremely important to squeeze in some time for a workout. But if you are one who doesn’t have enough time to spend in gym sessions or follow yoga classes, it is necessary to incorporate some kind of activity to keep yourself healthy. And nothing is better than climbing stairs. According to several health experts, climbing 7-8 flights of stairs or as much possible on a daily basis not only helps you lose weight but also increases your stamina, lowers the risk of heart disease and cholesterol, improves mental health and keeps you fit.

Add More Proteins And Nutrients In Your Diet:

This is something easy to retain and follow as you have umpteen protein and nutrient-rich alternatives to choose from. Instead of opting for fad diets, that not only deprive you of many foods but also keep you unsatiated throughout the day, doodle out a diet plan including proteins and nutrients that keeps you full for a longer time period by reducing the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Scientific researches strongly advocate that a protein-rich diet is good for bones, increases muscle mass, reduces sudden bingeing, boosts metabolism and also aid in weight loss by burning excess fat.

Cut Down On Sugar And Salt:

The love for sweets and savouries though satisfies the taste buds, is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious health complications. The negative effects of salt and sugar have reached far beyond hypertension and diabetes. While sugary goodies can cause obesity, insomnia, weakened immune system and speed up ageing, salt, on the other hand, can lead to bloating, leech out calcium from the bones and also cause depression. Hence, avoid salt and sugary items as much as possible, and try incorporating healthier alternatives like jaggery and honey instead of sugar and rock salt or Himalayan salt in place of table salt.

Opt For Indigenous Fruits And Veggies:

Eating fruits and vegetables are universally known for uplifting health and longevity. Thanks to the plethora of healthful nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals these food options have always been an essential part of the daily diet. And to top it all, being fresh and locally produced adds an extra value to it. Fruits and veggies which are harvested, often lose their optimal nutritional value due to factors like temperature variations, exposure to artificial light and air and this ultimately strip away vital nutrients from the foods. Choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables which are organically grown are free of harmful fertilizers, chemical pesticides, radiations and genetic modifications and thus ultimately promote your health and well-being.

Keep Gadgets Away From The Bedroom:

With the latest technological advancements, thanks to the smartphones in our hands, we are plugged in 24x7, 365 days and ultimately dooming ourselves into a more stressful and unhealthier routine. Although these gadgets keep you connected to the world, they have some serious negative effects on your health. Be it minimising interactions with your family members, interfering with your sleep, damaging your eyes or eventually leading towards cancer, using cell phones at night does it all. So, start with baby steps by limiting the use of phones at night and then slowly plug off these devices to uplift your health for a better tomorrow. Also Read: Leave These Outside The Bedroom For A Good Night’s Sleep


Hence stop overthinking and start this new year incorporating some of these health resolutions which comes with a promise of improving your health making this year a truly spectacular one leading towards a healthier version of ‘You’. Wishes All Its Customers A Very Happy And Healthy 2020!