While brushing your hair or just running down your fingers through your hair, have you been noticing a few bundled up strands on your fingers or your hair brush? Have you tried out every possible way - from getting checked for any health condition, switching to an oil-free healthy diet to using the best hair care products? But still haven’t found the ultimate solution for hair fall! Well, one significant cause can be extreme stressful conditions.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has literally brought about a halt in the normal routine of many. With the growing number of cases, with each passing day, people are constantly worried about one-self and the health of the loved ones. All this stress can have a grave impact on both our physical and emotional health.
Yoga poses to control hair loss

Indeed, science and several research support the notion that significant emotional stress can cause at least one type of hair loss, i.e., telogen effluvium. An adult human scalp has approximately 100,000 hair follicles. Each of this follicle is constantly cycling between growth (anagen) and rest (telogen) phase. In general, most of the hair follicles are in the anagen phase and on transitioning to the telogen phase, the scalp sheds the hair. But in case of telogen effluvium, a trigger causes a sudden, abnormal shift of hairs into the telogen phase all at once without going through the anagen phase. This trigger generally happens due to significant stress or a major event that has a negative impact on life. Additionally, even the sedentary lifestyle, long working hours in front of the system and problems while managing work and home situations can increase the cortisol levels in the body leading to unwanted stress and ultimately resulting in hair loss.

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Now when you are enlightened that your stressful lifestyle might be the main culprit behind the loss of your gorgeous tresses, why not try out some home remedies and lifestyle modifications to arrest shedding of hair naturally. Well, one such truly effective, chemical or medication-free method to combat hair fall and other scalp issues effortlessly is the age-old practice of Yogasana that shows prompt results. None of us are alien to the numerous benefits of yoga towards health conditions and skin. However, the incredible beauty benefits of yoga aren’t just limited to the skin, the right set of yoga poses can literally reduce stress, improve blood circulation on the scalp and bestow one with a healthier mane as well.

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So, if you’re suffering from hair fall and don’t know what to do, give yogasana a fair chance. We bring you 5 effective yoga poses that will naturally beat stress, arrest hair fall, and promote hair growth in no time.

Effective Yoga Poses For Hair Growth

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)

Come on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and your hands shoulder-width apart. Now, slowly lift your hips off the floor and straighten your elbows and knees. Ensure that your body forms an inverted ‘V’. Now, press your hands into the ground and stretch your neck such that your ears should touch your inner arms, and you should turn your gaze towards your navel. Hold this position for five-eight breathes and then return to the original position.


Being a part of the 12 poses practiced for surya namaskar, the downward facing dog pose is extremely effective for improving blood circulation, opening blocked channels and relieving overall body stress. Not only does it stretch the neck and strengthen the spine but also decongest nasal cavities and provide quick relief from sinus. With the head positioned downwards, it enhances blood circulation in the scalp, thereby regenerating the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles and assisting in hair regrowth.

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

Kneel down with your feet close to each other. Sit on your heels with a straight back and neck. Keep your hands in a relaxed position on your thighs while keeping your palms down. Now look forward, keeping your head straight. Sit in that position for at least 30 seconds and take long deep breaths. Relax and repeat 5 times.


An extremely easy pose, vajrasana plays a pivotal role in releasing tension and stress which is one of the primary causes of premature greying, thin hair and hair loss. It increases blood circulation within the scalp and strengthens hair shafts from the roots. Performing this pose regularly will promote hair growth, improve the hair health and make it thick and strong over time.    

Uttanasana (Forward-Bending Pose):

While standing, bring the feet hip-distance apart. Without bending your knees, slowly bend your body above the torso downwards. See that your knees are straight. You can allow your hands and hang down and rest your palms on the ground or just hold your feet to the ankles. Hold this position for 8-10 breaths, then slowly get back to the standing position.


This inverted posture is extremely beneficial for promoting hair growth in no time. By conveying prana and blood flow to the head and scalp, this yoga pose not only improves blood circulation which enables the hair follicles to grow long and strong but also augments the texture and quality of the hair and make it smoother and shinier over time.

Sasangasana (Rabbit pose)

Kneel down on your knees on the yoga mat and bend your head down forward. Let the crown of your head touch the floor and move it closer to the knees. Now stretching your arms forward try and hold your heels with your hands. Hold this yoga pose for 60 seconds before releasing it. Take deep breaths in the process.


Touted as the Rabbit Pose, this yogasana is extremely beneficial for a healthier and stronger mane. It regulates secretion of hormones, improves blood flow to the scalp and also manages any imbalance in the thyroid gland which might lead to hair loss. Practicing this yogasana also stretches and strengthens the neck and the spine muscles, thus relieving the body from stress and tension.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder-Stand Pose)

Lie flat on the ground with your legs laid side-by-side and both arms resting on either side of the body. Swing your legs up in such a way so that your legs, buttocks and hip is up in the air and support your body with your elbows attached to the ground. While settling into the pose, ensure that the hold your body properly keeping your legs and spine straight. Hold the pose for 30-40 secs while breathing normally. Slowly bring down your legs back to Shavasana pose and repeat 2-3 times.


Popularly known as the “Mother of all Poses”, the shoulder stand pose is extremely beneficial to soothe the nerves, calm the mind and stabilize secretion of hormones from the thyroid gland. Not only does it nourish the hair follicles by improving blood flow to the head but also help prevent hair fall and loss and effectively boost hair regrowth. Practicing this regularly can turn one’s thin and dry hair into healthy and gorgeous mane.