Lemons, the Vitamin C rich fruits be it in delectable lemon rice, salads, soups, curries, rasam, dal, or squeezed into a chilled lemonade or piping hot zesty lemon tea, are indeed a boon from the Mother Nature. While the inner fruit pulp is primarily used to make lemon and honey for detoxifying the liver, kidneys and lemon juice to quench thirst, prevent dehydration and supply ample vitamin C for immunity, these bright yellow tangy bounties also deliver another rather beneficial concoction extracted from the outer peel/rind known as lemon essential oil.

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Lemon essential oil

Scientifically designated as Citrus limon, the outer layer of lemons are completely removed and made to undergo cold pressing and steam distillation processes, to obtain the final purified lemon essential oil. This oleaginous tincture possesses a pale-yellow colour, with a rejuvenating zesty scent which is then packaged into clean bottles, containers and sealed tightly to retain its freshness and aroma. Not only does lemon essential oil lowers inflammation in the body, facilitates smooth digestion and cleans teeth, gums of dirt, impurities for optimal oral health, it confers outstanding merits for clear radiant skin and thick lustrous hair as well.

Thanks to the presence of plethora of bioactive plant-based constituents including phytonutrients terpenes, sterols, organic esters, polyphenols, pinene and limonene, this aromatic essential oil is a powerhouse of strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The treasure trove of plant compounds in lemon essential oil make it a must-have natural ingredient at home for attaining soft blemish-free skin and long silky locks.

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Magnificent Uses Of Lemon Essential Oil For Skin And Hair:

Treats Pimple Outbursts

Lemon essential oil is packed with bioactive constituents that significantly lower inflammation on the skin. This makes it an excellent home remedy for mending acne flare-ups, for it subsides swelling, redness and soothes damaged, peeling tissues. This herbal oily blend also has a light consistency and can be smoothly applied on the face, to aid in regulating sebum oil production and maintaining optimal pH of the skin.

Reverses The Age Clock

Comprising myriad skin-fortifying elements, lemon essential oil works wonders in slowing down skin ageing. This natural concoction banishes age spots, wrinkles, creases on the face, as well as neck lines. In addition, massaging 3 drops of lemon essential oil mixed with 1 cup rice flour on the face once a week bolsters collagen synthesis, thereby tightening dermal tissues, retaining skin elasticity and keeping it soft, youthful and supple.

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Brightens Skin

Lemon essential oil provides remarkable merits for dealing with uneven skin tone, detoxifying skin and conferring a crystal-clear complexion. Be it suntans, blackheads, blemishes, acne scars or rashes due to skin allergies/infections, lemon essential oil removes all forms of discolouration and bestows flawless, radiant skin. Mix a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 drops of lemon essential oil in 3 tbsp of yoghurt, smear it on the face, leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water for luminous, spotless skin.

Remedies Dandruff

Encompassing umpteen antimicrobial constituents, lemon essential oil resolves a host of hair woes and eliminates flaking and impurities on the scalp. Laden with powerful antifungal attributes, the aromatic plant residue dispels dandruff and pacifies an irritated, itchy scalp. Combine 3 drops of lemon essential oil with 1 cup fenugreek paste made from mashed methi leaves, dab this hair mask on the scalp and tresses, let it stay for 30 minutes, then wash with a gentle shampoo to get rid of dandruff and obtain a healthy scalp.

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Boosts Hair Growth

Lemon essential oil is a superb therapeutic tonic for topical application on the scalp and hair, to promote the growth of strong, dense and soft locks. Alopecia or baldness is a major concern in men, which develops in many forms and also affects a considerable number of women. Dilute 3 drops of lemon essential oil in 5 tbsp of a carrier oil i.e. coconut oil or almond oil and thoroughly massage the scalp and hair from root to tips twice a week. Lemon essential oil penetrates deep into hair shafts, provides ample nourishment, nutrients, stimulates blood circulation to the follicles/hair roots and vastly augments hair growth.