‘Beauty is only skin deep’- the saying does indeed speak volumes when people are always on the lookout for appearing picture-perfect externally. Slathering layers of make-up and concealers might hide your true skin in public, but on removing, you still remain the same ‘You’!

Well, instead of working hard to appear beautiful from outside, why not do something that actually bestows you with glowing skin from the inside. There is no dearth of DIY’s on the internet, but if you want glowing, soft skin, have your faith on Ayurveda. This time-less remedial science bequeaths mankind with a host of herbs, foods and remedies that work together to clear ‘Ama’ from the body which in turn bestows you with skin that is beautiful both in and out. One such Ayurvedic formulation with powerful blood-purifying qualities is Khadirarishta.

What Is Khadirarishta?

Khadirarishta, also known as Khadirarishta is an amazing polyherbal formulation that is sanctified with potent blood-purifying and anti-bacterial properties.

It is widely used in the treatment of many ailments including skin problems, swollen lymph nodes, leprosy, jaundice, heart problems digestive system, and intestinal worms. Replete with therapeutic benefits, it also treats enlarged spleen and liver disorders besides anaemia, tumors, and cysts and provides relief from conditions like an infestation of intestinal worms, eczema, and psoriasis. Khadirarishta is considered to be a very rich source of antioxidant that destroys free radicals and flushes out toxin wastes from the body.

It has Shothahara (anti-inflammatory) and Shodhan (detoxification) properties which is beneficial to purify the blood and reduce various skin problems. According to Ayurveda, it also has Krimighna (anti-worm) properties which helps to combat the breeding environment for the growth of worms in the body, thus helping to get rid of symptoms of infestation of worms.

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Composition Of Khadirarishta:


2.4 kg Acacia catechu –Khadira

2.4 kg Cedrus deodara – Devdaru

576 gm Psoralea corylifolia – Bakuchi

960 gm Berberis aristata roots  - Daruhaldi

960 gm Teminalia chebula-Haritaki

960 gm Terminalia billerica- Vibhitaki

960 gm Emblica officinalis-Amla

960 gm Woodfordia fruticosa- Dhataki

48 gm Piper cubebea- Kankola

48 gm Mesua ferrea- Nagakeshara

48 gm Myristica fragrans- Jatiphala

48 gm Syzygium aromatucum- lavanga

48 gm Elettraia cardamomum- Elaichi

48 gm Cinnamomum zeylanicum – Dalchini

48 gm Cinnamomum tamala –Tejpatta

192 gms Piper longum – Pippali

20 gms Syzygium aromaticum – Laung

20 gms Mesua Ferrea – Nagkesar

9.6 kg Honey- Makshika

4.8 kg Sugar- Sharkara


  • Wash all the herbal ingredients and sun-dry them for a few days
  • Ground the herbs into a powdered form and sieve to remove impurities and any left-over solids
  • Immerse the herbs in a specific quantity of water, soak and then boil on low flame
  • Add Jaggery to the clear decoction after a few minutes
  • Add the remaining ingredients, cook for some time, and then pour the decoction into another vessel and cool
  • Once cooled, shift it in an airtight container that has been smeared from inside with ghee for fermentation
  • Keep a check on the fermentation process for a month or more say about 40 days
  • Once the fermentation is done, filter the fermented liquid through a muslin cloth to eliminate solid particles
  • Shift the concoction and store it in a cool, dry place and keep for maturation.

Note: Khadirarishta has a shelf life of ten years, but once the bottle is opened, it should be consumed within 2 months. 

Khadirarishta Medicinal Properties

Some of the key indications of Khadirarishta are as follows:


Khadirarishta is a potential blood purifier. Drinking this tonic on regular basis will flush out toxins and help fighting micro-organisms from the body.


Khadirarishta improves the digestive power of the body. It does not let toxins build up in the body. People with a better digestive system encounter fewer acne-related problems and other health issues.


This tonic is an anthelmintic which helps to flush out parasitic worms and other parasites prevailing in your body. It also eliminates the growth of intestinal tapeworms and roundworms from your body.


Khadirarishta is an extremely rich source of antioxidants. This can be used as a blood purifying tonic to fight free radicals and get a youthful skin. It reduces fine lines and signs of anti-aging.


Khadirarishta formulation fights deep internal health issues like microbial and bacterial growth, rashes and itchiness that cause frequent skin issues due to various allergies. It does not let allergy stay in the system for longer periods of time which keeps many diseases at bay.


Khadirarishta treats bacterial infections effectively. It helps to stop bacterial growth suppresses their growth or their ability to reproduce and multiply further. Absence of bacteria amounts to a stronger immune system.


Himalayan Cedar is one of the key components of Khadirarishta and this medicinal herb offers anti-inflammatory nature to this herbal decoction. Anti-inflammatory substance in the herb helps the central nervous system and signals it to stop causing pain.


As Khadirarishta is hepatoprotective in nature, it prevents chronic liver issues and liver damage caused by chemicals or many other factors causing liver ailments.

Anti- Gout:

Gout is a common metabolic disorder caused by high uric acid levels in the body. This herbal formulation is a potential anti gout remedy and works in decreasing uric acid levels.


Besides working to augment a smooth digestive system, Khadirarishta also works as a natural laxative. It improves bowel movement, softens the bowls and treats issues like chronic constipation.

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Health Benefits Of Khadirarishta

Cures Acne And Pimples

Acne are pimples that develop deep in the skin, causing swollen, and painful bumps. According to ayurvedic sciences, certain skin type is generally more vulnerable to acne. Aggravation of kapha leads to increased production of sebum and clogged pores resulting in the formation of acne. Khadirarishta is one of the most effective ayurvedic preparations which helps to manage acne or pimples due to its pitta and kapha balancing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in blood purification by removing toxins due to its detoxification property.

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Cures Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis often called eczema is a chronic disease that causes the skin to become inflamed, irritated and painful. According to ayurvedic sciences, it generally occurs due to a malfunctioning of pitta dosha or due to many types of blood impurities that can cause imbalance in the body. Khadirarishta helps in eczema due to its detoxification properties. It provides a cooling effect to the affected areas on the skin.

Combats Intestinal worms

Intestinal worms are also known as parasitic worms that reside inside the intestines. They cause frequent dysentery and abdominal pain. Khadirarishta helps to control or kill intestinal worms due to its krimighna or anti-worm benefits. According to Ayurveda, growth of worms is encouraged by weak digestive fire. Taking Khadirarishta helps to improve the digestive fire and destroy the ideal condition for the growth of worms. Khadirarishta can also be used for curing intestinal worms in children.


Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes raised, scaly patches on the skin. Khadirarishta provides relief from certain symptoms of psoriasis such as itching or irritation because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in blood purification by removing toxins from the system.

Urticaria (Hives)

Hives are raised, red dots or welts that appear on the skin. These welts cause itching and acute pain. Hives also called urticaria, may result from an allergy. Detoxification property of Khadirarishta provides relief in urticaria by cleansing the system.

Heart Tonic

Khadirarishta is helpful in lowering triglyceride and enhancing HDL activity which are indicators of a healthy heart. It also treats conditions like hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia and other chronic cardiac disorders.

Resolves Respiratory Problems

Khadirarishta is extremely helpful to resolves respiratory problems like asthma, cold and shortness of breath. It is also useful in relieving symptoms such as narrowing of airways and bronchial congestion.

Augments Hair Health

Khadirarishta has tridosha balancing properties. This implies that it neutralizes the pH levels of the scalp surface. Once the pH level of the scalp is balanced, bacteria cannot survive. If there are no bacteria, chances of scalp ailments and dandruff is almost negligible.

Combats Diabetes

Some ingredients of Khadirarishta provide a hypoglycemic activity which can help in diabetes management. However, one of the major constituents of Khadirarishta is sugar and jaggery which can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Therefore, it would be advisable to consult the doctor before taking Khadirarishta and if you have diabetes and are on medication.

Fights Jaundice

Khadirarishta cleanses the liver by removing toxins. It is helpful in the treatment of jaundice and any chronic liver disorder. For people who have been affected with side effects of alcohol, it protects the liver from toxic effects of alcohol preventing liver cirrhosis and liver carcinoma.

Dosage Of Khadirarishtha

Khadirarishta contains 5-10 % of self-generated alcohol in it.  A clear brown liquid with no froth, this drink is astringent in taste. Khadirarishta is generally consumable by people of all age and gender. However, the tonic is not recommended for infants. Generally, Khadirarishta can be taken orally twice a day after having lunch and dinner. For effective results, Khadirarishta should be consumed at the same time every day. Children may take a low dose diluted with water but under medical supervision. Adults may take 10-20ml of the tonic every day.

Side-Effects Of Khadirarishta

Mild Irritation And Burning Sensations

Khadirarishta may cause mild irritation and burning sensation in the human body if taken more than the required quantities. It can be avoided by not taking khadirarishtha after meals.

Gastritis Discomfort

It may cause gastritis discomfort in some which most likely happens when high doses of the syrup are taken.


Khadirarishta may cause heartburn if consumed in higher quantities and when it interferes with some medication. Stick to the dose as recommended by the physician and inform the physician about other alternative medicines that you are consuming.

Precautions While Consuming Khadirarishtha

  • Avoid consuming it on an empty stomach
  • Do not consume alcohol when you are under this treatment
  • It should be diluted it with water whenever used
  • Khadirarishtha may cause drowsiness in the body, thus one should be careful if they are consuming it while driving


Khadirarishta has been mentioned in many ayurvedic scriptures as an ultimate remedy for numerous health issues. Khadirarishtha has antibacterial potency that provides a vigorous effect on the bacterial cell wall and membrane permeability. This could be due to the presence of powerful identified marker compounds in this herb-decoction based ayurvedic formulation. Consumption under guidance may give many wellness benefits.