Winter mornings are when it’s toughest to leave one’s warm, cosy bed.

Even the most disciplined fitness enthusiasts think twice before waking up at the crack of dawn and it’s quite normal to postpone workout sessions owing to the cold weather.Wake Up Motivated

But, if you have made up your mind not to excuse yourself from working out because of chilly winters, here are some easy ways to get over those challenging mornings.

Wake Up With An Intention:

The first thing you should remind yourself in the morning is about your strong intention to stay fit. Set your goals, remind yourself that you like working out and remember how you feel post workout - happy, healthy and very productive for rest of the day. If you are exercising with the intention to lose weight, step on the weighing scale first and those numbers will certainly motivate you to shed those extra kilograms.

Get A To-Do List:

Keep your to-do list ready in the morning and tasks to be finished before going to office. Include tasks like cooking your own healthy breakfast, shopping for fresh produce in the local market or even spending some time with the pet.  Listen to good music that will also wake your senses, make your mood upbeat and help you keep focused on the workouts.

Choose The Workout You Enjoy Most:

Some of us might love to walk, jog while few others may find solace in stretches and yoga asanas. Find yourself a happy workout or an inspiring trainer. Sign up for classes like aerobics that provide you with amazing energy, music and dance – all at the same time.

No Gadgets After 10 pm:

Make it a point not to check your mobile for calls and messages and other gadgets for any newsfeed. Screen time before and middle of the sleep disturbs the pattern and won’t allow you to 8 hours of sound sleep. Keep away from social media from the evenings itself as many thoughts tend to occupy your mind. Grab a good book or listen to soothing music till you fall sleep as it makes you feel energized the next morning.

Sleep Early:

This may sound like a grandma’s advice and there is no harm in doing that. If you are a late birdie, sleeping by 9.30 pm might look tough but your cardigan rhythm gets into the groove in no time. Sleeping early gets you adequate rest, will regulate heartbeat and also help in losing weight. A good night’s sleep will certainly make your mornings happy and motivate you to workout better.