Our lives are filled with a range of emotions such as happiness, joy, sorrow, love, and sadness and many of us struggle continuously to achieve many dreams and goals. Sailing through life's journey with different pursuits and perseverance, if, someone amongst us wakes up to find out that he or she has been diagnosed with cancer, that very moment, the world turns upside down, only to realize that life will never be the same again.

Coming to terms with the uncertainty about the future holds and the odds of surviving the deadly ailment is physically and mentally taxing. There are multiple emotional stages a cancer patient goes through. Pain, anxiety, fear, depression, disbelief, anger, and loneliness arrive all at once. It takes time to register that the body has caught hold of one of the most life-threatening ailments mankind has been inflicted with.
positive while battling cancer

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Stress Management Before, During, And Post Treatment

Cancer is a physically painful and emotionally tormenting experience. Many transformations happen inside and outside the body. Besides physical changes and pain that come with every person with a malignancy, about 50% of cancer patients also suffer from psychiatric issues and emotional disorders. Lack of sleep, nervousness, and decreased appetite are the most common signs the patient will experience in the beginning. Therefore, recognizing the mental health condition of the person going through this phase is extremely important. 

One step at a time, here are some smooth measures that can help the patient glide through the painful journey and aid healing during the tough times of being diagnosed, during the treatment, and when he or she is on the road to recovery. 

Meet A Cancer Survivor Before Chemotherapy 

One of the best ways to get rid of pre-treatment anxiety is to meet a cancer survivor. Before the course of chemotherapy begins for any cancer patient, meeting someone who has gone through the same process will benefit the individual in many ways. Anxiety at the beginning of the diagnosis is going to be very high. Apart from taste changes, appetite changes, weight loss, and sensitivity to odors, losing all hair is one of chemo treatment's most common side effects. Looking physically different can be overwhelming, though, for almost all patients, the hair will begin to grow back after chemo is stopped. Discuss with co-survivors the changes you are going through physically and emotionally. Speaking to someone who has beaten cancer will restore faith in the treatment and remove apprehensions. If the anxiety levels aggravate and may impede the treatment process, get in touch with a therapist. Instead of blaming destiny and grieving over the situation, it is best to focus on what best can be done to come out cancer free.

Stay Positive During Treatment 

It is important to understand that the cancer experience is different for everyone, and treating most cancers is lengthy. As the treatment progresses, every day will be a new one, sometimes bringing physical pain and, on other days, mental trauma. Discuss your mental condition with your near and dear ones and let them know what you are feeling. Venting out will help you feel better. Keep your body as healthy as possible by eating what is needed. Ask your doctor if you can eat something you wish to unless it hampers your treatment. A light exercise, like a walk, will make anyone feel better. Remember, feeling positive and hopeful is as essential as the treatment.

Find Therapeutic Ways To Recover Post Treatment

Although recovery will bring uncertainty, thanks to advanced treatments and technologies, the chances of a positive outcome are better than they were a few years back. Post-treatment, while the patients are advised to rest, there will be more time to think about the relapse, which may cause distress. Stay connected and busy with loved ones. Physical affection is a great way to heal. Laughter is said to release endorphins that help beat stress. Be with friends who can make you laugh. Pets are a great stress buster. Since you would be spending most of the time resting, keeping a pet around you will keep you engaged as they will have all the time for you. After a few weeks, join a community that can benefit your physical and mental well-being. Alternatively, meditation and yoga will also help to mitigate stress. The more you take time out for things that interest you, the better your chances to heal fast.

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Here are five baby steps that can contribute to a speedy recovery and help the cancer patient with their mental health struggle:

  • Inculcate a reading habit
  • Watch something occasionally
  • Deepen faith in spirituality
  • Go on a short trip 
  • Bring a pet home

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