While the cool morning breeze welcoming the winter might be a pleasant affair for some, for others it is rather discomforting as they fall sick due to various seasonal changes like cough, cold, runny nose, sudden fever and digestive issues. Most people are vulnerable to these sudden changes as their body processes differently in each season.

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Additionally, coupled with yet another surge of the latest Omicron strain cases due to the ongoing festivities, a sudden rise in body temperature, dry cough or diarrhoea is causing fear in the minds of people due to the vast similarity in symptoms. This has led them to insanely search for alternatives to increase their innate immunity through the incorporation of medicines, different forms of diets, exercises, yoga, herbs and so on. But little, do they forget eating a bunch of superfoods without knowing their exact benefits won’t keep a person healthy. But eating the right food does help one boost their immune system and beat sudden seasonal changes and other infections. It is not just about what we ingest but also about what we can digest, absorb in our intestines, assimilate and finally excrete out of the body which plays a major role in building our inherent immunity.

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And what better way to boost overall immunity than by munching on some nuts deemed as Superfoods? Yup, crunchy, satiating and delicious, nuts make for great munchies that you can have as a snack. Right from appetizers, desserts, and salads to beverages, they can add a dash of flavour to almost everything and that’s why they are often an integral part of most cuisines.

How Beneficial Are Nuts?

Nuts are a powerhouse of healthy fats, fibre and plant protein. Each nut you incorporate into your routine diet has some specific nutrients that help your organs to function more efficiently. Additionally, they also possess a variety of essential vitamins and minerals which are linked with numerous health benefits such as better cholesterol levels, enhanced cardiac functioning, improved brain strength and a stronger immune system. Moreover, they can also facilitate weight loss while also augmenting your skin and hair.

So, what are you pausing for? We have a curated list of 5 super nuts ready for you to fulfil your nutritional dose of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and other health and immune-supporting components. Chalk out your meal plan to include these 5 powerful immune-boosting nuts right away!
Powerful nuts to treat immunity