Holi, the festival of colours is being celebrated across the country today. With the scare of Coronavirus looming large, many of them are opting away from celebrations, nevertheless, it is still an important Hindu festival, to meet your near and dear ones indoors and relish sumptuous food. Also Read: Coronavirus: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Holi is in fact the time to unwind, de-stress, play with the differently hued colours, or gulaal, throw colour-filled water balloons at each other, and gulp down some refreshing thandai.

Well, there is no denying that most of us share a love-hate relationship with this ‘Festival Of Colours’, especially this fortnight, owing to the increasing number of coronavirus cases.

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The harsh chemicals present in the colours coupled with long duration of sun exposure and intermittent water splashes take a heavy toll on our health. Most of us emerge out the next day having some allergic conditions on the skin and eye or some respiratory problems. To add to these concerns, the threat of the novel coronavirus infection, COVID 19, looms large in current times. Also Read: Coronavirus: Effective Ways To Prevent The Transmission Of This Deadly Virus

Even though one might use organic or homemade herbal colours or wear full-body covering clothes, you still have to prep up to diminish the overall skin damage, respiratory issues.

If you are planning to play the festival of colours with your family and friends, take a note of these following precautions for a safe Holi:

How To Play A Safe Holi?

Do not play in large groups, stay away from big gatherings.

Avoid water colours. Do not smear colours on your face or on the faces of others. Just throw it from a distance.

If you are suffering even from mild cold or cough, do not venture out during celebrations.

It is advisable for children, older adults and people with allergies, low immunity levels to avoid Holi celebrations, this year.

Always keep a hand sanitizer handy. If you are wearing a mask, discard it properly after celebrations.

Take bath with anti-bacterial soaps, post celebrations. 

Avoid hugging, kissing and other physical contacts while playing holi.

If you have travelled recently to any of the coronavirus hit countries, do not mingle with the crowd for celebrations.

Avoid eating anything before taking a shower.

If you have chronic respiratory conditions like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, do not participate in holi celebrations, this year.

Skin Care

Moisturising and sun protection are extremely essential to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the chemical infused colours. The colours whether dry or wet make the skin parched, rough and prone to infections and allergies. A sunscreen, moisturiser, body lotion or oil forms a sheath around your body and prevents the colours from penetrating into the skin pores. Hence, use a gel-based waterproof sunscreen with good moisturising qualities that not only keeps the skin nourished and hydrated but also protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

You can either apply almond oil or some thick creamy moisturiser right before stepping out on the day of Holi to ensure proper skin protection.

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Hair Care

Amidst all the coloured water drenching and throwing balloons at each other, our hair is quite prone to get frizzy and dry and face a lot of damage in the aftermath. Let’s not ruin those beautiful tresses by keeping it loose and unprotected. Apply a generous quantity of oil or hair serum before stepping out to play with colours. You can also tie up hour hair in a braid or bun and cover it with a piece of cloth to reduce sticking of colours.

Make a concoction of coconut oil, aloe vera gel and almond oil and apply it evenly onto your hair and scalp to prevent damage from colours.
Holi wishes

Nail Care

You must have noticed that even though your hands and face lose the colours after a proper bath or exfoliation, it is the nails that get stained and faces a tough time to get rid of the colours. The colours that get stuck inside the nails often end up entering into the body and disturbing our digestive system while we use them to eat. Protect your nails from damage by trimming them short and applying a double coat of any dark coloured nail polish. You can further lessen the damage by rubbing some coconut oil onto the nails before playing with colours to prevent sticking them to your nails.

Eye Care

Our eyes are one of the most vital sensory organs of the body. Holi colours go into our eyes and cause harm, allergic conditions like inflammation, temporary blindness, uveitis etc. Even the area under our eye is quite sensitive and becomes dry and wrinkled on the application of chemical-laden colours. So, dab on some eye cream or vaseline gel to keep the area surrounding the eyes moisturised. To ensure ultimate protection, wear shades to prevent getting colours into your eyes.

Lip Care

Apart from the eyes, our lips are also extra sensitive to colours and chemicals. Since they make them dry and chapped. Safeguard your rosy lips by applying lip balm to prevent the colours from sticking on to the lips.

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