An aromatic culinary herb, Hing or Asafoetida, obtained from the dried latex (i.e. gum oleoresin) which is discharged from the taproot, rhizome or stem of a number Ferula species, is one of the healthiest spices available in most Indian households. The distinct flavour and aroma of hing in most vegetable curries or dal, makes it an indispensable part of the Indian cuisine. Also Read: Hing: Medicinal Uses, Therapeutic Benefits For Hair, Diabetes And Supplements

Although, this magic yellow powder has a powerful ability to transform the flavour of any food, little did we know that the host of essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, potassium, iron and an abundance of essential oils, bestows hing it’s therapeutic and curative power to treat a horde of health anomalies. 

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Termed as ‘Food of the God’s’ or ‘Devil’s Dung’, hing has a plethora of health benefits. Thanks to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, carminative, sedative and diuretic properties, hing is extensively used for aiding digestion, treating constipation, indigestion, flatulence, abdominal pain, promoting weight loss, and even providing relief from chest congestion, cough and cold symptoms.

The ancient ayurvedic scriptures strongly vouch for the use of this potent powder having umpteen significant properties like Anulomana (reduces bloating), Hridaya (effective for cardiac problems), Chakshushya (useful for treating eye problems), Danti (used for tooth problems) and Sanjnasthapana (restores mental consciousness).

Hing benefits