High heels are one of the must-haves in any woman’s wardrobe, and a good pair of heels are a prized possession.High Heels Can Hurt

However, not many know that badly constructed heels cause more pain than comfort. Read on to know how some high-heeled shoes cause more harm to your feet, legs and even spine, than you can imagine.

Achille’s Tendon Tear:

Wearing high heels regularly increases the risk of tendon tear, shortens and stiffens the Achille’s tendon. Heels also restrict the movement in the ankle joints while walking and as a result, these joints are mounted with a lot of body weight. Calf muscles too get strained and cause lot of stiffening, cramping, spasms while walking and even during the sleep.

Foot Problems:

Your feet suffer if you wear heels for longer hours as toes get squashed and pinched. Wearing heels regularly causes cuts, bruises and many other foot problems like corns, hammertoe, bunions, Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis, that would require minor surgeries to major procedures and a long time to heal.

Knee Pain:

Knees being the important joints in the entire body get affected by wearing high-heels. Some footwear make knees slightly bent inwards all the time and cause severe osteoarthritis in women as they age. High heels restrict the natural movement of the knees, feet causing increased stress on both legs.

Affects Back Alignment:

Wearing heels regularly may cause the back go of out alignment and reduce the spine’s ability to absorb shock. Orthopedics warn against constant use of high heels as it compresses the vertebrae of the lower back due to the overuse of back muscles.

Hip Joint Pain:

Hips also support the movement in the body and assist in various activities like walking, running, jogging, cycling etc. Since high heels mount a lot of pressure on the feet, it in turn affects functioning of hips including control over entire posture of the body. This leads to severe hip joint pain that may ultimately radiate upwards till neck.

How To Choose The Right High Heels:

If you still love to wear high heels, don’t lose your heart. Here are few simple tips, on how you can wear right type of high heeled footwear.

  • Go for heels that are less than one-and-half inch and wider at the heel, to spread the body weight more evenly.
  • Always wear soft insoles to reduce pressure on knees.
  • Pick heels that provide right amount of space that allows your toes to move freely.
  • Avoid wearing heels on the days you are required to walk more than usual.
  • If you are wearing heels for longer hours, stretch your calf muscles and feet for every two hours to avoid strain and stiffness.