No matter where we are, close or far, the only person who knows us in and out and loving unconditionally, is none other than our “Mother”. Come what may, she is the only one who knows what we want or when we want, and even though it might sound exasperating to others she never fails to fulfil our needs or demands and keeps listening to those incessant tantrums and cajoling us to give our best while leading us through the various phases of life. Also Read: A Healthy Mom Is A Happy Mom: Put Yourself First On Mother’s Day

But do we thank her enough for her selfless service and her continuous efforts? Although one might surprise her on her birthday but mostly do nothing to make her realise how special she is to us the other 364 days. Well, this Mother’s Day lets amend the mistakes you made and treat her with something special and make a promise to yourself to help her out whenever possible. Also Read: Mother’s Day: Learn How You Can Make Your Mother Happy And Healthy

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Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May honouring motherhood and maternal bonds throughout the world. Amidst the highly spreading coronavirus, this year the celebrations might be quite different. Owing to the social distancing and lockdown regulations, neither can you plan out dinner with your mom, nor can you take her out for shopping or buy her some gifts.
mother's day

But if you think about it, does your mom really want some expensive gift? Even a small gesture of love by doing something she loves or making something special for her is a gift of its own. So, this mother’s day, why not take out some time from your daily schedule and plan something to make her realise how special she is to you and thank her for being the best mother in the world.

This article brings you a list of cool and thoughtful ideas to make this Mother’s Day a fabulous one for your mom.

Things To Do For Fabricating A Special Mother’s Day:

Make Her Breakfast-In-Bed

Throughout the year, she probably does her fair share of cooking, maybe more than even a restaurant chef. So, why not surprise her by making her a bed tea or coffee followed by her favourite breakfast option. Let this Sunday be a different one and just time the breakfast and herbal tea when she wakes up so that you can see that smile on her face.

Give Her A Break From All Work

Due to the ongoing lockdown, with no maids or helpers in the house, your mom must be the only one who is technically doing her work from home for ages. Without any break, she has been crazily cleaning the house to protect all of you from the spreading virus. Although cleaning the house and doing other household chores might not seem like fun, but it’s surely something that would make your mother incredibly happy. Try to keep this practice not only for mother’s day but for the year-round as well, since unlike any of you she never gets any break from work.

Home Salon

Nothing makes a woman happy when it comes to relaxation at the beauty parlour or salon. But since due to the pandemic, that option is currently unavailable. Let's not turn grim, as you can give her the salon-like feel right at home. Although this option is good for girls since they already have a stock of essentials to take care of themselves during the lockdown, even guys can try to just give their mom a nice hand or foot massage or a calming head massage with some essential oils. You can even make your home spa products and surprise your mother with the same.

Surprise Her With Handmade Gift

DIY greeting cards, simple hand notes, chocolates, or cakes can never go wrong as a gift. As most gift shops are closed and essential commodities are limited, you can simply write something thoughtful about your mom on the handmade greetings card and decorate it the way you like. And to go with the card, you can don on your chef hat and even bake a simple chocolate cake or just plain chocolate right at home taking help from the millions of baking videos online.

Let Her Watch Her Favourite Movie

You must have noticed, even when you plan a movie night with your family, your mother is the person who is still working. Be it trying to make some popcorn or fry some snacks to go along with the tea while watching the movies, unlike the movie itself she never has an intermission. So this mother’s day, pass on the remote to your mom and just let her chill and relax watching her favourite movie or just some daily soaps she loves to binge on while you can surprise her by making her some snacks to go with it.

No matter what you plan for her on this mother’s day, for sure it’s going to make her happy and bring a smile on her face since it was chosen with care and effort and that is what matters.