Most young girls start questioning their mothers about the sudden changes that happens physically in them. Welcome your daughters with confidence to the most crucial transition in life - puberty, often handled with little unknown facts.

Girl’s Transition Into Puberty

Girls start experiencing changes in their body during the onset of puberty. It is a most challenging period of life a girl moves from childhood towards adulthood.

This phase of the journey involves physical, hormonal, and emotional changes and sometimes handled with heights of emotional outburst triggered by hormones.

As a mother it is essential for you to give them that much needed support and guidance and keeping your daughter equipped with information pertaining to the initial signs and development of puberty.

First Signs Of Puberty

There are specific physical changes in the body that signify the start of puberty in young girls. It is important to understand the fact that every girl child is different and physical development happens at its own pace. Some of the common signs include breast development, underarm hair, sudden growth and excess body sweat.

Assure your child that these are not abnormal or alarming about, growing up sexually as a matured adolescent is a normal process. 

Puberty Signs At The Start Of 8-11 Years

Hormones productions begin and reproductive organs - ovaries are growing. But there is no apparent physical sign of these changes. 

Puberty Signs At The Start Of 8-14 Years 

The initial puberty signs that are noticeable for girls is generally the development of breasts. The child’s body growth spurt begins and gets a proper shape. Also, the pubic hair emerges very fine in this early stage of puberty. 

Puberty Signs At The Start Of 9-15 Years 

The growth of breast continues to get bigger and your child starts gaining weight and height and her structure transforms to more of a young woman. This is the time when the vagina will be growing internally. Your child’s period may begin sooner at this stage.

Puberty Signs At The Start Of 10-16 Years

Ovulation happens at this stage and periods usually begin. Pubic hair begins to grow, and underarm hair is also quite visible. The skin begins to produce more oil which leads to outbreaks of acne. Sweat glands are very active, so it is essential for your child to practice proper hygiene care and use deodorants.

Puberty Signs At The Start Of 12-19 Years

This is the final stage of puberty, where your young girl child changeover as an adult. Breast development is complete, and height reaches its maximum spurt. Periods are very regular, and ovulation happens every month.

Talk To Your Child:

1. It is important to strike a conversation with your little girl and discuss the changes happening in her body.

2. Ensure attaining puberty is normal process and explain how hormones function in the body.

3. Stand by her if there are any emotional outbursts triggered by hormones.

4. Encourage her to open up with the mother or sisters, if she has any doubts.

5. Let her read, watch educational topics, videos on this topic to learn more.