Summers are the perfect time to spend lots of fun outdoors with your beloved pets. They would also love some sunbathing as well, won't they? But how much sun is too much? How do we prevent our furry friends from the heatwave?

Well, there are several things to consider at this time of year, like keeping your four-legged buddies cool and fending away ticks and other insects at bay. Some common grooming techniques that help our pets beat the heat are listed below.


It is perfectly fine if you wish to give your dog a trim which makes it a lot easier to handle the body hair. It is best if this is taken care of in the hands of a professional, it is not advisable to indulge in self-grooming your dog where the risk of trimming or shaving can be too much resulting in drying the skin out.

As for cats, their fur coat layer protects them from hot weather by trapping cool air against the skin. But a short trim won't do any harm if the fur is tangled and needs to be taken care of. Again, these should be done by a professional who will not be causing any type of harm to the skin.


Every dog has its own unique skin texture and hair volume, accordingly, there are various types of benefits resulting from brushing your dog's hair frequently, from reduced shedding to a cleaner coat. What pet owners may not be aware of is that it's an amazing technique to keep your dog chill, also providing the opportunity to find any type of infections, allergies or ticks on the skin. Mats are a huge pain for dogs during the summer as they may cause discomfort to the skin by trapping the moisture. Regular brushing serves to be the best solution for mats. Additionally, brushing also helps get rid of the dead hairs and helps circulation on the outer layer of skin.

Regular brushing of your cat, that is once every day or once in two days will decrease the excess hair in their body, which ultimately leads to reduced hair fall of your cats. This can also help identify fleas in the fur. It must be a priority that one should always keep their cat on a good, vet-recommended flea and parasite preventative to keep fleas at bay and stay away from health problems like flea allergy dermatitis, anaemia, and heartworms.


Now your dog may not be a big fan of baths, but it is advised to add an extra bath or two during the summertime. Brush before and after, find an appropriate and suitable shampoo that’s a good match for his or her skin and coat type, lather once and rinse well.

In general, a healthy kitty doesn’t need bathing unless he or she has gotten into something that has coated the fur and can’t be removed with brushing. Cats groom themselves naturally. However, pet owners should help maintain them clean by brushing or combing them often.

Ear Care

Good ear care is a vital element of dog care. As high humidity and heat can make your dog’s ears clogged with yeast and bacteria, and if they love to swim, they could be at even greater risk for ear infections. Ensure to clean your pet’s ears weekly and gently wipe them with a cotton ball after every swim.