Friendship Day is celebrated all over India on the first Sunday of August every year. On this day, many of us meet up with our classmates from our alma mater, to cherish the youthful recollections. Youngsters reaffirm their friendship by tying friendship bands, exchanging gifts, cards and of course with a lot of banter!

However, a deep and true friendship is one that develops over time into a mature understanding, increasing our sense of belongingness and purpose. Long term friendships mean that we always have someone dependable to lean on, share our joys and sorrows and seek help and advice in times of turmoil. Besides boosting our levels of self-confidence and self-worth and enabling us to boldly face whatever life throws in our way, profound friendships also augment emotional wellness.

Friendship Day

Remarkable Benefits Of Friendships In Life

Help In Reducing Stress Levels

A casual meetup with friends can help in taking the mind off from the worrying situations. Moreover, people who develop strong social ties, interact more and share a good laugh with their pals on a regular basis avoid ending up depressed and lonely in their later years.

Provide Support During Tough Times

There are times when one experiences traumatic situations such as a divorce, loss of a job, contracting a serious illness, or the passing away of a near and dear one. During the course of these challenges, a good friend empathizes with the circumstances and can work wonders in helping the affected person share their feelings of grief and hence stay calm and composed.

Assist In Quitting Bad Habits

The pressure at work or personal conflicts with loved ones can lead a person towards alcohol addiction, chewing tobacco, sedentary lifestyle and even drug abuse. During these trying phases, a reliable group of friends can help in adopting a healthier lifestyle and leave a positive impact.

Aid In Sharpening The Mind

Catching up with old friends from school and college for coffee, taking a nostalgic trip and recollecting memorable moments can keep you happy as well as mentally active. It helps reduce the risk of cognitive decline in your old age, prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia and keeping your brain fully functional and engaged.

Enhances Fitness And Longevity

Reminiscing some fond moments with your childhood buddies or even just planning a game night with your work friends can help keep chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disorders at bay. Positive conversations with friends during a quick rendezvous can, in fact, confer the same benefits as that of a regular workout, such as improved wellbeing and prolonged lifespan.