Today is International Father’s Day. By celebrating our paternal bonds, we honor all the men who have embraced the role of fatherhood, besides also thanking the father figures in our life. And why not? While we all love our doting moms who spoil us all the time but aren’t those super cool dads as fabulous? They may not pamper us the way our moms do but are equally responsible to structure our lives and make us who we are. We pick the basics of our existence from them and get to see the world through their eyes. While on the face they appear tough as ever, on the inside they are as tender and full of affection and love. So, they deserve loads of love, affection, and some cuddling, of course!
father's day

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Shop From Our Range Of Fabulous Men’s Grooming Essentials!

On this Father’s Day, here are some fabulous men grooming essentials that will bring a gorgeous smile on your dad’s face. Go ahead and get your own Father's Day gift bag ready today. Considering, he is always a step ahead of what you are wondering, you never know, you may get a better present in return. After all, he is a darling dad!

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5 Best Grooming Products To Get Your Dad For Father’s Day

beard wax
The Man Company Beard Wax - Almond & Thyme 50 gm

Style and nourish your beard by pampering this Almond & Thyme Beard Wax from The Man Company. It has thyme as a key ingredient that lends a woody scent. It also has powerful phytonutrients vital for beard growth. Imbued with the natural moisturizing benefits of Almonds as well as Vitamin E, its beard-friendly nutrients keep the hair soft and keeps them nourished. It will help in conditioning manes while styling them at the same time.
nivea foam

Nivea Men Sensitive Shavig Foam 200 ml

Shaving essentials are one of the best parts of a men’s grooming kit. Gift your dad this uber-cool Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam that contains Chamomile and Vitamin E and is dermatologically approved for men with sensitive skin. Its ultra-guide technology has been designed to treat easily irritated and sensitive skin thus making for an advanced shaving experience. 

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beard wash

MANCODE 2 In 1 Beard & Face Wash 200 ml

Sporting a beard asks for special attention with ease though. Mancode Nourishing 2-in-1 Face and Beard Wash for Men is a double-benefit solution for keeping the stubble as face free of dirt and grime. By acting as a deep cleanser, without stripping the skin of its moisture it stays gentle on the skin and a little strict on the coarse beard to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly. The result is softness on the stubble and a fabulous facial glow. 
beard oil

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil 35 ml

To ensure that your dad is free of all your beard growth worries if he loves to sport a stubble, Ustraa Beard Growth Oil 35 ml has everything that keeps every man free of stubble troubles. The oil contains Redensyl oil, almond Oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and acai berry oil that work effectively on the hair follicles promoting hair stem cells and eventually fostering hair growth.
gilette blade

Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball Razor

And here is another shaving accessory that can be a part of the Father’s Day goody bag. The Gillette Fusion FlexBall Technology brings the best shaving experience for adorable dads. with an advanced low-resistance coating to cut effortlessly through hair, it helps the skin for a close, comfortable shave. Its lubrastrip is infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers that allow the blade to move smoothly over the skin, even on repeat strokes. wishes a very Happy Father’s Day to all the lovely dads.