The months of March and April are indeed stressful times for high school students in India from classes 9 through 12, as they face mounting pressure to perform commendably in their board exams. On the one hand, parents constantly remind kids that their futures depend solely on the qualifying final examinations. While on the other, teachers strongly emphasize that scoring maximum marks in the boards will secure the students a place in any premier institution, either within India or abroad.

Exam Season Is Here: Useful Preparation Tips

Apart from confronting tension at home, kids also encounter tough competition from their peers in school. Most, if not all students take painstaking efforts, sometimes even over-stressing and exhausting themselves, to outdo one another and emerge as the “first rank holder” or “state topper” in the annual exams.

While success in academics is vital for brighter prospects ahead, it is important to keep in mind that board exams are merely just one phase of life and certainly not worth compromising one’s health. By meticulously allotting sufficient time to study each subject, learning for exams need no longer be a dreaded experience – on the contrary, it can be quite a breeze.

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Of course, following an organized study schedule, along with consuming a balanced diet forms the core of doing well in any test. In addition, engaging in daily physical activity and unwinding after a strenuous prep session with a hobby will ensure that the student comes out with flying colours in the final exams. Also Read: 5 Top Nutrients To Boost Memory And Ace Your Exams

Read on, to discover some valuable guidelines, which will definitely assure every single student triumphs in the upcoming high school board exams.

5 Highly Effective Study Techniques To Help Students Excel In Exams:

Clear Out Study Space:

Ensuring that there is ample bright light in the study area, as well as enough space on the desk and a comfortable chair go a long way in helping the student stay at ease and focused during prep sessions. Also remove any objects, pictures, posters or junk foods that might be a distraction, to declutter and make the study environment peaceful.

Visualise, Memorize And Teach:

Every subject will comprise some rather difficult concepts. Visualizing complex chapters by means of flow charts and diagrams, or associating them with common day-to-day experiences and analogies, helps simplify memorizing them. Furthermore, forming a study group with 2 – 3 fellow classmates and teaching each other helps one concentrate on the topic and reinforces the ideas in the subconscious regions of the brain.

Schedule Short Breaks:

It is indeed a myth that studying for long durations, sometimes more than 12 hours a day vastly improves performance in exams. Firstly, set a reasonable goal of covering two to three portions of the subject in a day. Next, take a short break of 5 minutes after every half hour of studying a concept. This simple practice helps the brain rest and recharge, stimulating cognitive and memory centres.

Reread, Revise And Practice:

The time-tested adage - "practice makes a man perfect" holds high significance in guaranteeing excellent results in high school board exams. In spite of the fact that the student might be very confident in answering all the questions on the test right, rereading and revising the concepts the day before the exam aids in better remembrance and faster recollection on exam day.

Meditate And Get Ample Rest:

Find a quiet corner in an open, serene location like the verandah or terrace. On the day prior to the exam, after scanning through all the topics in the syllabus, meditate for 10 to 15 minutes. This fundamental wellness habit remarkably calms the mind, alleviates unnecessary nervousness and worry, besides promoting deep sleep for meritorious performance in the exams. Also Read: Modern Meditation Techniques For Mental And Emotional Well-Being