With the growing dependency on sedentary lifestyle, more and more people are getting diagnosed with some condition or the other. And one of the most reported ones is joint pain, early arthritis, digestion woes, insomnia etc. Additionally, people who are already suffering from this chronic condition fail to resist from the no activity lifestyle trap to avoid pain. However, little do they realize that without any movement, the pain increases instead of decreasing, thus continuing the vicious cycle.

Arthritis is an umbrella term that consists of more than 100 types of conditions involving inflammation and joint pain. Moreover, the lack of a well-balanced diet in a sedentary lifestyle often causes a disbalance in the doshas ultimately leading to overall inflammation and accumulation of fluid in the body. While lifestyle modifications, good food and sleep timings, might help one manage swelling and arthritis, incorporating some home remedies and herbs in your diet gives you a surer shot to deal with this condition. Mother Nature has a treasure trove of plant, herbs and spices in her lap to help you out but one potent plant with incredible diuretic and anti-inflammatory property is the humble Equisetum.

What Is Equisetum?

Equisetum, commonly termed as Horsetail is a natural diuretic and potent medicinal plant of the Equisetaceae family. The plant gets its name Horsetail owing to the brushed appearance of the plant just like the tail of a horse. Going by the scientific name Equisetum arvense L., this plant is extensively found growing in abundance in the clayey soils of the humid regions of the northern hemisphere including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, and thrives best mainly, on the banks of the rivers and streams and in the surroundings of grasslands.

Horsetail, is one of the oldest and sole survivor of a line of plants dating back three hundred million years. Legend has it, that it is a descendant of ancient plants that used to grow as tall as trees during the carboniferous period of prehistoric times and members of this family gave rise to many of our coal deposits as well. Even ancient Roman physicians and several other cultures used this potent herb in the form of tea, juice or tincture as one of the wondrous folk remedies for treating arthritis, kidney and bladder troubles, bleeding ulcers, and tuberculosis. This herb even found its way in Chinese traditional remedies for the treatment of fever, conjunctivitis and corneal disorders, dysentery, flu, swellings and hemorrhoids. Additionally, this magical herb even helps in wound healing, and bestowing one with gorgeous skin and hair.

Active Constituents Of Equisetum

The commonly found active constituents in Horsetail mainly include silica, potassium, malic acid, and number of flavonoids. With more researches and scientific studies, researchers found this herb having numerous properties including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, coagulant, demulcent, and astringent. And hence found its use for the treatment and management of a quarry of health conditions like rheumatic disorders, edema, osteoarthritis, diabetes, frostbite, chilblains, gastrointestinal conditions, cardiovascular diseases, athlete’s foot, cracked and tired feet, ulcers, acne, wounds, itchiness, rashes, burns, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, fever, bladder problems, urinary tract infection, brittle nails, gingivitis, tonsilitis, hair and skin woes.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Equisetum/ Horsetail

Remedies Pain And Inflammation

Imbued with strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties of the bio-active components, horse tail confers extensive relief from pain and inflammation in case of rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and joint pain. Being a natural vasodilator, it is also used to treat painful muscle spasms, sore muscles, arthritic conditions, and other inflammatory situations. Studies report that uses of horsetail has improved the symptoms of arthritis and even regulated the immune response.

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Treats Swelling

Deemed as one of the best natural diuretics that exist to help promote fluid removal, horsetail is ideal for those who suffering from high blood pressure and edema. The extract obtained from this incredible plant show cases strong anti-inflammatory properties as well that helps in treating different types of urinary tract infections, kidney issues and bladder and stone problems.

Heals Wounds

The skin regeneration property of the bioactive constituent silica helps to speed up the healing process and improves wound contracting ability, tissue regeneration, and wound closure so as to facilitate faster healing. Not only does it prevent infections but also stops bleeding without any side effects. Just prepare a paste of the herb and apply it on fresh wound following proper preventive measures and watch the wound heal faster.

Fortifies Bone Health

The ariel shoots of horsetail are extremely rich in silicon and other essential minerals. Silicon is quintessential for forming and maintaining healthy bones. It extensively helps to absorb calcium and improves bone mineral density, strengthening the bones and connective tissue and preventing them from breaking. It also helps in the production of collagen in the bones, protecting the bones from damage and enhances overall bone health. Daily intake of this nutrient-dense herb not only help to prevent osteoporosis but also high levels of vitamin K diminish the risks of bone fractures in the advanced years.

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Augments Nail, Skin And Hair Health

Thanks to the abundant treasure of silicon in the wonder herb, extracts of it when used actively helps in formation and production of collagen which in turn helps in promoting hair, skin and nails. Moreover, sanctified with antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, horsetail helps in treating a host of skin infections as well. It not only helps in shielding the skin from oxidative radical damage due to the harmful UVA and UVB rays, but also arrests the various signs of aging.

Additionally, consumption of horsetail tea or using shampoos or hair washes imbued with horsetail extract helps in treating flaky and dandruff ridden scalp, improves blood circulation, strengthens hair follicles, reduces split ends and hair fall and helps to achieve rejuvenated, strong, and lustrous tress. It is even highly significant for treating brittle nails and helps one showcase strong and beautiful nails as well.

Manages Diabetes

The excellent anti-glycemic nature of equisetum plays a quintessential role in alleviating the blood sugar levels of the body. This herb activates the pancreas and stimulates the secretion of a balanced amount of Insulin and also regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates. This action in turn readily helps the extra glucose circulating in the blood to get converted into glycogen which in turn prevents sudden spikes in the blood sugar level. It can be easily consumed in the form of tea but under medical supervision.

Prevents Kidney Stones

The anti-lithiasis quality of the horsetail herb prevents the formation of kidney stones, helps to break or reduce the size of the formed ones and thus prevents various underlying health conditions like polycystic kidney disease, kidney stones, and cystitis. Being diuretic in nature, it also prevents urinary tract infection and promotes overall health of the kidney. It also helps in eliminating unnecessary toxins from the body, thus uplifting overall kidney health.

Relieves Respiratory Woes

Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and expectorant properties, Equisetum is pivotal in treating the common cold, sore throat, incessant cough and flu symptoms. It also reduces chest and nasal congestion, gets rid of excess catarrh particles and stops nasal discharge. It also renders absolute relief from conditions like bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory illnesses.


Equisetum thus showcases numerous potential properties which makes it one of the safest natural remedy for the treatment of painful and inflammatory conditions, gout, improve wound healing, strengthen bones and joints and enhance hair and skin health. Incorporate this wonder herb in your regular lifestyle to enjoy its superb benefits.