The holy month of Ramadan is ending today, and Eid ul-Fitr is being celebrated across the globe. This year, the celebrations are quite different owing to Coronavirus pandemic and with various lockdown rules in place across the country, the festival fervour seems to be missing in many places. Also Read: Ramzan Fasting Made Healthy: Scientific Guide To Eating Right During The Holy Month

Eid marks the culmination of 30 days of fasting, prayers, iftar parties, charity activities in praise of God and if you are wondering on how to celebrate this amazing festival without compromising on the safety and social distancing, then this article is for you.

We understand that many of us are missing those grand feasts, visiting family and friends, fun-filled iftar parties, buying and getting dressed up in new clothes, extending Eidi and Zakaat (giving money or gifts to the lesser privileged), but do not let this gloomy atmosphere dampen your festive spirit.

Remember that you can still celebrate Eid, interact with your loved ones via online, offer your prayers, share your fortunes – all staying at home.

Meet Family and Friends Online:

This lockdown period imposed due to COVID-19 has made us realise the importance of staying connected with our loved ones via online. There are several platforms available just at the swipe of a finger-like zoom, WhatsApp, skype etc. You can schedule a call not just to share pleasantries and greetings but also for offering collective prayers along with family and friends. What more, you can take a plate, relish the delicacies even while interacting with family, friends from faraway places.

Cook Up A Feast:

The Eid celebrations are synonymous with good food, sweets and lots of love. Many of us may be cooking under ration now, but you can make an exception for the festivities. Enjoy the staple Ramadan dishes like biriyani, sheer korma, sweets at the comfort of your home. Since the devout Muslims would have fasted for a month, doctors suggest including fresh fruit juices, dates, fruits, nuts and other immunity-boosting foods to gain back the energy.

Do Charity:

One of the main concepts of Eid ul-Fitr celebrations is to do charity. It is a practice in many Muslim households to share money, gifts with the lesser privileged throughout the month. And if you are wondering about how to help the needy, go online. Remember that we are fighting the worst crisis of all times and every little help counts. Do your Zakaat or charity by contacting various charity homes and contribute for the food, clothes, medicines etc for those in need.

Dress Up Well:

Yes! We agree that it’s time to have homebound celebrations but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up. With all shops, malls being shut for the last two months, you may not have your best dress in the wardrobe. However, make sure to dress up in your finest clothing to brighten up the festive mood and to feel happy.

Maintain Social Distancing:

Hugging your loved ones and exchanging Eid greetings are a norm but this year is unfortunately different. Though it is painful, maintain social distancing for the sake of safety and to contain this deadly virus. In case, if you are planning to share food parcels with your neighbours or receiving food from them, make sure to use hand sanitizers, sanitize the packets before opening and eating the food. Wishes All Its Customers A Very Happy Ramadan