Being a teenage is very exciting and it’s usually the time to big decisions about important aspects in life like higher education, responsibility, and healthy fun. It is also the time youngsters gain maturity and develop a broader perspective towards the future.

However, equally important is to start the practice of building a healthy physical and emotional lifestyle. Experts believe that every teenager should be aware of how their body works, how to eat healthy, stay active, and learn about the importance of sleep as it goes a long way in leading a happy life.

If you are a teenager or a parent with adolescent kids, read on to know how certain simple practices helps in shaping a better future.

Two boys running happily

Eat Healthy:

The first golden rule is to eat healthy. According to studies, around 20 per cent of teenagers between the age group of 13 to 19 in India deal with severe obesity. Making few changes in the diet plan will fuel better metabolic activity and help them in losing those extra kilos. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in meal plan to get your daily dose of nutrients, vitamins, protein and calcium. Choose whole grains over refined foods, eat protein rich foods and opt for dairy products for stronger bones.

Mental Health:

It is very common to succumb to peer pressure which lead to various emotional issues. Teenagers need to be taught to manage stress as it harms both your body and mind. Practice staying calm and learn gaining composure during tough times. Concentrate on academics as your performance and good grades instill confidence and positivity. If you are facing anxiety, stress, depression, loss of appetite, talk to your parents or an adult you trust on how to deal with it.  

Safety First:

Even as you learn to ride a bike or drive a car, safety is paramount. Rash driving is one of the leading causes behind several accidents in India. Always remember that even a split second of carelessness could ruin lives. Don’t compromise on safety gear, don’t experiments with narcotics, avoid alcohol and it damages young brain cells. Your safety lies in the smart decisions you take.

Physical Activity:

If you thought fitness is only for people who are 30 and above, think again. Teen bodies need to be active to manage weight, build stronger muscles and bones. Doctors recommend 1 hour of physical activity a day. Play your favourite sports, jogging, biking, swimming. Even mundane activities like cleaning up your house and surroundings help in keeping you fit.

Make Friends With Family:

Yes, we understand that being teenager is tough, especially because one is always under the watchful eyes of your parents. However, today’s parents are more liberal and can relate to the issues you face as an adolescent. Be honest, share your views and thoughts, keep your family updated about your daily activities. In case of any crisis, do not ever hide it from the family and seek help.