The auspicious occasion of Diwali is celebrated in an opulent manner by Indians every year, with delicious sweets and savories, elaborate Lakshmi pujas, bright traditional clothes and sparkling lights featuring in every single household. One indispensable aspect of the celebrations during this festival of lights is bursting crackers.

From cape guns, brilliant rockets to loud bijilis, decorative flower pots and rapidly whirling zamin chakkars, people everywhere indeed enjoy lighting up these fireworks give them.

diwali safety tips

However, the incessant smoke in the surroundings accompanied by the loud noise emitted from these explosive components can cause a host of health problems, such as damaging the ear canal thereby negatively affecting hearing, obstructing the nasal passage leading to respiratory illnesses and trouble with proper sight, due to the widespread pollution and smoke lingering in the air. Also Read: Learn How To Keep Your Eyes Safe On Diwali

Here are some highly efficient protective measures that you can incorporate, to stay safe and healthy this Diwali and revel in the festivities with happiness and cheer.

1. Use A Pollution Mask

Commonly used in crowded cities and industrial zones by people, to avoid the passage of toxic particles and microbial agents into the nasal tract, this simple fitting equipment is a mandatory requirement during Diwali. This is due to the fact that the sheer amount of harmful chemicals, smoke, and dust present in the environment can cause very acute respiratory disorders like asthma, wheezing and even lung cancer, when inhaled in excess. Hence, wearing a tight pollution mask, that covers the nose, mouth, and chin completely, will help prevent a person from developing breathing issues.

2. Seal Ears With Plugs

An earplug is a very useful apparatus, that is generally popped into the ear canal of both ears and corked in a tight manner. It effectually averts the high decibel sound waves from directly falling on the ears and also prevents the entry of dust, contaminated water, and allergens into the auricles – the outer exposed segments of the ears. Thus, the small and humble earplugs shield the person from developing auditory ailments such as loss of hearing and tinnitus.

3. Decongest With An Inhaler

A steam inhaler is a handy device that can be used a few times in a day, so as to frequently mitigate the congestion in the nasal passage, caused due to pollutants, smoke, dust and particulate matter present in the air. It can also effectively moisturize very dry and aggravated mucous membranes lining the inside of the nose, which results from infectious monsoon allergies and breathing in the smoke post burning crackers.Also Read: How To Handle Health Issues Triggered By Fireworks

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