Isn't a well-toned body, naturally radiant skin, and desire for healthy hair every woman's dream? Imagine how easier things were in olden times with lesser stress levels, zero pollution, and simpler food habits. Presently, with our kind of lifestyle, environmental conditions, and dietary choices, getting pink perfect health may take a lot more effort than we think. Nevertheless, we are lucky enough that our earth is replete with wellness-aiding herbs, plants, and luscious flowers to provide holistic and beauty benefits.
Champa/Plumeria Rubra

Who wouldn't want to try such sterling resources that are organic, easy to procure, and easier on the pocket. Amongst many flowers out there which take us back to grandma times, one such ornamental flower that goes by the scientific name Plumeria Rubra is a popular variety of well-known Champa flower. Besides a highly valued ornamental flower, Champa, Champak or Frangipani not only provides many health and holistic benefits, but it also has the potency to balance all the three doshas in the body specifically the Kapha dosha that causes severe health anomalies, which is why it is widely recognized as a powerful medicinal plant on the planet.

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Holistic Health Benefits Of Champa Flower

Also known as the temple flower of India, indeed the idea of offering this blossom to Gods was to remind us about the ingenious properties this plant contains. Plumeria Rubra is a tall and the most common variety of Champa flower that can grow up to 20 feet and has red, pink, and white flowers which bloom in clusters. A perennial summer plant with beautiful blossoms and leaves, it is best known for its seductive fragrance. The aroma of this plant is rich, fruity, and intensely floral. The plant starts to flower after a few years of its plantation. During the flowering period which most likely is the end of June, the tree is covered with red, pink, or white flowers diffusing aromatic fragrance. The extract is rich in antioxidant and their antimicrobial activities help combat flu, cures fever, and also improves eyesight. The presence of powerful flavonoids also makes an excellent cure for rheumatoid arthritis. It also alleviates symptoms of health disorders such as gout and vertigo. To get relief from diabetes and renal diseases the extract from tender buds is extensively used. The fragrance of frangipani is calmative and its soporific qualities help in stress reduction and uplift mood. Essential oil made from its root, bark, and flower extracts soothes the mind, augments hair growth, and nourishes the skin. The decoction of the bark is an antitoxic and diuretic agent that can expel worms and promote a regular flow of urine. Above all, the aphrodisiac benefits of the Champa flower help enhance sexual wellness and aid stimulation and pleasure.

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Try These Easy Home Remedies With Champa

While there are many wellness incentives for this useful flower, here are some simple ways to use it in form of decoction and get benefitted in numerous ways:
  • Consuming a few drops of this flower extracts destroys the germs present in the blood and helps purify the blood
  • Using a diffuser, gentle spraying can be done with some water and a few drops of Champa flower oil to make the ambiance aromatic and blissful
  • Champa essential oil is an excellent aromatherapy oil. A gentle massage can be done for stimulation and to enhance the mind and body owing to its healing properties
  • The oil can be used in form of a few drops and massaged into your belly button to aid peaceful sleep and body relaxation
  • The decoction of the root from the plant mixed with coconut oil can be used to massage the joints in rheumatic pains to reduce pain and inflammation
  • The bark and the leaves decoction of the Champa flower can bring down high-grade fever
  • Essential oil from its extracts is used as an astringent to relieve acute migraine headaches besides an effective stimulant to keep the circulatory and nervous systems functioning well
  • The extracts from the plant can also be used on the face for smoothness and can be topically applied to hair for promoting hair growth
  • Champa flowers can be dried and made into a fine powder. Using this powder aids quick relief from skin itching and eczema