In the recent times, many celebrities have come out open about their health conditions and most of them disclosed about being diagnosed with cancer.

Celebraties with cancer

In the last one year, we are repeatedly hearing about several actors and actresses fighting various types of cancer. While Irfan Khan is bravely facing neuroendocrine tumour, Sonali Bendre announced how a regular visit to doctor to address some niggling pain revealed her about metastatic cancer.

It was only in January, Hrithik Roshan disclosed that his father Rakesh Roshan was diagnosed with early stage squamous cell carcinoma, while there is a lot of suspicion doing rounds that Rishi Kapoor too is being treated for this deadly disease in the US for the last few months.

Manisha Koilrala, Lisa Ray, Gauthami, Anurag Basu were few other celebrities who had successfully fought cancer in the last one decade.

And, have you ever wondered why celebrities are getting more predisposed to cancer assuming that they eat healthy food, take their fitness seriously, lead a disciplinary lifestyle under the watchful eyes of famous nutritionists and personal trainers?

Well, as doctors say cancer is not a result of just bad eating or poor lifestyle habits, it has much more than that like genetics, stress, emotional outbursts, not being exposed to enough sunlight, etc.

American Institute For Cancer Research recently came up with ‘Cancer Prevention Recommendations’ that was compiled after taking various expert reports and conclusions of independent panel of experts, which they believe would make an enormous impact on people’s likelihood of developing cancer.

On the occasion of International Cancer Awareness Day, read those strong recommendations.

Dietary Habits:

No single dietary habit can be endorsed or is a fool proof choice to avoid cancer. Include wholegrains, vegetables, fruits, legumes as a part of usual diet. Whole grains protect against colorectal cancer and other aerodigestive cancers, while the antioxidants in non-starchy vegetables, fruits fight against carcinogenicity in the body, safeguarding it from other types of malignancy.

Physical Fitness:

Studies reveal a strong evidence that regular physical exercise helps in fighting against colon, breast, endometrium cancers. Bring down the ‘body fatness’ with intense workouts to reduce the risk of obesity-related cancers.

Lose Weight:

Oncologists believe that obesity is a major risk factor besides smoking, tobacco, alcohol that causes cancer. Experts say that overweight is the main culprit behind oesophagus cancer and it affects pancreas, liver, colon, kidney, gall bladder, stomach, pharynx, larynx with malignant tumours. In fact, overweight is the single cause behind 12 types of cancers.

Avoid Supplements:

If you have a habit of popping in supplements daily, stop it right away. Diet is your major source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and supplements are advised only if your body has difficulty absorbing nutrients naturally. If you are planning to take supplements, talk to your doctor about the right ones, in the right amounts.

Say No To Bad Habits:

Alcohol and tobacco cause a major damage to your body than you can imagine. Tobacco causes mouth, throat cancers while even small amounts of alcohol drinks can increase the risk of several cancers. So, to prevent cancer it’s better not to drink alcohol.