This is a school reopening month and all educational institutions across the country are being thrown open to children of all classes and ages. While the starting of new academic years excites every one of us, parents have a strong reason to worry – infections in the form of flu, cough, cold etc.

Tips to Keep Kids Healthy

With the onset of monsoons and new academic year going hand-in-hand there is always a possibility for different types of viral and bacterial infections lurking in the classrooms trying to affect children especially those with low immunity levels. Let’s agree that children give infections to each other in the form of touching, dripping nose, sneezing, coughing etc.

While a doctor’s visit becomes imminent, there are also several ways to avoid contagious infections affecting the children with these few simple home tips.

Shower: Give your child a quick shower as soon as he/she is back from school. A nice shower in lukewarm water not only washes away germs but also keeps them fresh. Give special attention to washing hands. It is an effective way in preventing contagious germs from spreading infections.

Honey: Invest in natural honey. Boil one glass of water with pepper, basil leaves. Drain out pepper, basil, add a teaspoon of lemon and honey. This will build immunity levels in a child and works wonders in fighting several infections.

Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus oil might be pungent but it is known for its strong antiseptic qualities and is widely used in the preparation of several medications. Rub Eucalyptus oil on the pillow of your child to prevent infections. It also helps in breathing easier while suffering from common cold and flu.

Steam Inhalation: A regular steam inhalation with plain water or a little bit of turmeric helps in avoiding infections related to upper respiratory tract, running nose and sinusitis. This method can be applied during the early stages of cold as it softens and expels the thick mucus from the respiratory tract.

Gargling: Gargling – is holding lukewarm salt water on the back of throat with head tilted backwards and spit it out. Strongly recommended by our grandmother and mothers for ages this simple act washes away several bacteria lurking in our throat. Salt water creates an inhospitable environment for the viruses and bacteria concentrated in the throat region, thus avoiding further complications.

Netmeds wishes a Happy and Successful Academic Year for all the students.