In the present day and age, if there is one ailment that plagues the majority of the population in India, be it young or old, it is diabetes. And unfortunately, this chronic disorder characterised by high blood sugar levels also triggers myriad health complications, one of the most prominent being diabetic neuropathy.

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With constantly elevated blood glucose concentrations, the tissues in the nervous system are invariably injured. This results in nerve damage in the body, particularly in the extremities of the feet – a condition termed as diabetic neuropathy. Besides triggering related issues of foot ulcers and loss of sensation, numbness in legs and feet, diabetic neuropathy also heightens the risk of irregular heartbeats or arrhythmia, urinary incontinence, high blood pressure i.e. hypertension, digestive disorders and even reduced sexual functions in both men and women. Furthermore, it prompts discomforting indications of tingling sensation in hands, hazy or double vision and poor concentration, memory and focus.

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Ayurveda for Diabetic Neuropathy

Thanks to Ayurveda, the age-old Indian system of medicine, a plethora of herbs are documented in the renowned manuscripts of Charaka Samhita, Ashtanga Hridaya, Sushruta Samhita, which heal signs of diabetic neuropathy and effectively bring down blood sugar levels for better management of diabetes.

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Fantastic Herbs To Heal Damaged Nerves In Diabetes:

1. Karela

Karela or bitter gourd, scientifically termed Momordica charantia, is a marvellous ayurvedic remedy for managing diabetes symptoms. Drinking a small portion of karela juice is proven to effectively lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin functions, due to the bioactive compound polypeptide-2, which houses hypoglycemic qualities. This in turn reduces the decline in nerve function and alleviates diabetic neuropathy.

2. Ajwain

The tiny aromatic ajwain seeds, bearing the botanical name Trachyspermum ammi, confer outstanding incentives for tackling diabetes symptoms. Blessed with carminative traits and potent plant-based compounds, ajwain water helps in mitigating indigestion, bloating, flatulence. In this manner, ajwain promotes healthy digestion and combats gut problems arising from diabetic neuropathy.

3. Gurmar

Gurmar is a time-tested ayurvedic solution for diabetes mellitus. Imbued with ample antidiabetic constituents, gurmar, clad by the scientific name Gymnema sylvestre significantly improve insulin response, enhance insulin secretion from the beta cells in the pancreas and control sudden spikes in blood sugar levels after meals. Furthermore, gurmar aids in weight loss, obesity management and decreases the discomforting signs of diabetic neuropathy.

4. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, designated as Withania somnifera in botany, is a rejuvenative herb that holds potent properties to heal a host of health woes, including diabetic neuropathy. Consuming ashwagandha powder decoctions in warm water remarkably improves blood flow to the nerves, relaxes the strained muscles, helps overcome fatigue and improves stamina in diabetics.

5. Paneer Dodi

Panner dodi, otherwise referred to as Indian rennet and scientifically termed Withania coagulans is an ancient remedy for resolving diabetes and the accompanying condition of diabetic neuropathy. This herb comprises astounding phytonutrients with anti-hyperglycemic characteristics that work wonders in bringing down post-prandial blood sugar levels, besides repairing damaged beta pancreatic cells to augment insulin secretion and glucose absorption.