It's the time of the year where we all enjoy the chill breeze, the cozy weather, and the heavy showers. The monsoon season has its own enthralling joy, even if it comes with usual troubles like water stagnation, increasing mosquitos, high humidity, traffic jam on road, and disturbance of the normal routine of life. The rainy season generally offers much-needed relief after the scorching summer. Well, it is also known to bring along a bevy of diseases like flu, malaria, and dengue. Furthermore, the increased humidity can contribute to several fungal infections, allergies, and skin diseases. Thus, it is extremely vital to take utmost care of your health and keep infections at bay.

Here are a few simple and effective health tips to prevent you from falling ill.
Monsoon Diseases Preventions

Tips To Combat Seasonal Infections

Load up With Probiotics

Probiotics have been linked with a host of health benefits including improved digestion, better immunity, and support weight loss. Adding foods rich in probiotics can increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut and improve the overall microbial diversity, boost the immune system, and enhance the absorption of nutrients. Try to include foods abundant in probiotics like yoghurt, tempeh, pickled vegetables, buttermilk, fermented foods, and cottage cheese in your meal plan to prevent illness during the monsoon season.

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Boost Vitamin C Intake

The best possible way to stay in the pink of health is to build a robust immune system that helps to combat infection causing pathogens that are most rampant during rainy season. Adding a whole lot of fresh foods rich in vitamin C supports strengthening immune response, reducing inflammation, and averting the risk of skin allergies. Include citrus fruits, amla, guava, berries, broccoli, potatoes, bell peppers and green leafy vegetables in your diet regimen to boost your vitamin C level.

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Drink Pure Water

Drinking even slightly contaminated water can cause severe health problems like jaundice, typhoid to mention a few. Thus, it is essential to boil water well before drinking or have purified filtered water. When travelling always carry your own bottle of water or buy only mineral water bottles instead of drinking water from unknown sources that may increase the risk of viral infections.

Refrain Junk Food

We all crave a lot for hot and spicy street foods like samosa, pakoras, bhajis etc., during this season. But these foods form the perfect breeding place for several kinds of harmful microbes and pathogens. The longer the food items are exposed to the open air, the higher chance of you contracting a disease, when you eat your favourite junk foods. Poor standards of hygiene can lead to a host of food-borne diseases and gastrointestinal infections during the rainy season.

Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

One of the common woes of monsoon is the breeding of mosquitos, which carry the risk of many diseases like dengue and malaria. Keep your surroundings clean, ensure that there is no open water storage at home, drains are not clogged and there’s no rainwater held stagnant in and around your house. Also, screen your windows with nets and use mosquito repellents oil, coil, and spray.

Eat In Moderation

Consume freshly cooked light meals that are easy on your tummy, as oily, heavy, and spicy foods can lead to stomach upset. Eat light foods to reduce the risk of bloating, indigestion, and acidity.

Furthermore, avoid raw vegetables especially leafy ones and check all vegetables and fruits for insects, mud, rot etc, before having. Thoroughly wash and clean all the vegetables and fruits.

Consume Herbal Tea

Herbal tea made using a rich array of herbs and spices like tulsi, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, mint leaves etc., is quite comforting and energising during the rainy season. Packed with a wealth of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, these refreshing teas support strengthening the immune system, keep seasonal infections at bay and improve the digestion process.

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Get Regular Exercise

Engaging in regular workouts not only helps you to shed excess fat or manage weight, but it is a sure shot way to boost immunity as well. Exercises get your heart function well, improve blood flow to the vital organs and uplift mental well-being, all of which reinforce the immune system to fight against viruses and bacteria. Jumping rope, squats, planks, Zumba dance, yoga are all great workouts to keep you active and fit.


For people prone to allergies, infections, the monsoon season may exacerbate their symptoms. Thus, it is vital to avoid exposures to known allergens and always keep all necessary medications handy. Following these simple measures may help you to maintain good health status and stay safe and disease-free during this monsoon season.