Today is Mahashivratri, the most auspicious festival which is more related to spirituality than celebrations. Mahashivatri translates to “the great night of Lord Shiva” and is observed across the world among Hindus for overcoming darkness, negativity and ignorance.

Woman doing meditation

Unlike other Hindu festivals known for pompous celebrations, Mahashivratri is all about basking in spirituality, introspecting our own actions and seeking help from the God for a better growth at the soul level.  

The entire day and night people observe certain practices that not only lead to spiritual growth but also reflect on the wellbeing of body and mind.

Here are 5 things to do on Mahashivratri, that can leave a positive impact on your health and life.

Cold Water Shower:

Devotees start their day with a cold-water shower. And according to several studies, taking bath with cold water increases alertness and deep breathing response to the chilled water increases overall oxygen supply across the body, providing required energy for rest of the day.


Abstaining from certain foods and drinks for a 24-hour-cycle will have impressive benefits on the body. Science reveals that fasting promotes control of blood sugars, fights inflammation, improves cardiovascular health, decreases the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol.  


Meditation is an ancient practice known for increasing calmness and physical relaxation. It helps in fighting both physical and mental illness, improves confidence, decreases high blood pressure and promotes overall wellbeing. It is highly beneficial in those facing emotional and hormonal issues.


The important part of Mahashivratri is offerings, not just for God but also for the lesser privileged. Sharing is caring, and it promotes mental wellness. Charity leads to true happiness, teaches us the importance of being humble and thankful for the privileges bestowed upon us.


Devotees chant ‘Om’ on this auspicious day. Chanting ‘om’ or certain verses leave positive effects on the body, provides healing, boosts energy. Studies reveal that chanting regulates the functions of the hypothalamus in the brain thus bringing down negative emotions like anger, stress and depression.